5 Fashion Tips for the Best Prom-tastic Look

Mark Twain once said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” Decades from now, you don’t want your teen to look back at their prom thinking of the fashion statement you could’ve made, but didn’t.

If you want your daughter to be remembered as one of the coolest-looking chicks at your prom, here are some fashion-forward ideas for the big event:


Ever since Emma Watson rocked a lace-and-feather dress on the red carpet a few years ago, many women have been attempting to try out this style on their own. The only problem is there aren’t many appropriate occasions to bust-out a feather dress, but luckily, prom offers the perfect opportunity! Feathers can add eye-catching texture to a dress, and create a look that is both sassy and classy. Keep your daughter’s ensemble simple with a sleek updo and basic footwear, so you can showcase that fabulous dress.

Rhinestones Prom Look

Most parents like to pitch in for their kids’ limo, but it isn’t very likely that you’ll get em’ a diamond necklace to go with their already high-priced gown. No worries, though – rhinestones are a fun, wallet-friendly alternative for adding sparkle and shine to their look. A sparkly rhinestone necklace looks fabulous with a strapless dress, while rhinestone drop earrings look great with a stylish updo.


Beauty pageants are always filled with flashy, neon gowns detailed with several accents, which is what makes them stand out among all of the other contestants. If your daughter’s goal is to stand out, take a lesson from these gals and suggest a bright, sparkly dress that just screams  “look at me.”


Some girls take prom way too seriously and insist on wearing a conservative, pastel gown and avoiding any dancing that may make them sweaty and mess-up their hair. Nonsense! Prom is the perfect time to get in touch with your wild side and just have fun – starting with your outfit. It’s okay to encourage your daughter to get a little crazy with her outfit. Let her bust-out a sparkly princess tiara to really complete that pageant-queen style. That or let her rock-out in a colorful feather boa, retro-chic long gloves and some striking stilettos that she probably won’t wear anywhere else.

Don’t stress

During the last few months of the school year, girls tend to obsess about what they’re going to wear to prom. And that’s totally understandable – prom may be the most important party of their high school existence, so who wouldn’t want everything to be absolutely perfect? With so much to plan for on top of final exams, prom can be a stressful time. Let your daughter know that they don’t have to stress. Just be there for them and let them know that they’re doing to be absolutely fabulous!

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