Preparing for the Perfect Super Bowl Party – A Family Activity

Throwing an awesome Super Bowl party is all about preparation — especially if all you have to start is a faded couch your grandmother gave you and a free television you picked up on the curb. Luckily, if you have kids (and they love football as much as you do), you won’t have to go about the process alone. In fact, having a family gives you a bona fide excuse to unveil the coolest family room to your honored guests. Plan ahead now and you’ll be able to set up an extraordinary entertainment room by the time the Super Bowl rolls around. In case you don't have the date stamped on your memory yet, the game takes place on February 3, 2013. If you start now, you'll have plenty of time to take care of each detail.

Select (or add) a room

You'll need an entertainment room to host your party with plenty of seating in front of a big TV. If you don't already have a room in your home set aside for that purpose, it's time to create one. Choose a room large enough for the party you want and set it aside as your new entertainment room. Coining it as the new family room, you’ll likely feel more comfortable investing time and money into the project. Perhaps you have a formal dining room you never use and you can add a wall to close it off. If you don't have any potential spaces in your room, hire a contractor to build an addition, which will add a lot of value to your home. On that note, never underestimate your kids’ imaginations. They may have room conversion ideas you've never even thought of!

Prepare the floors and walls

A swanky entertainment room starts with classy flooring and walls with a crisp appearance. If you're concerned about the rest of your family or neighbors hearing the commotion from the entertainment room, consider installing sound insulation on the walls and ceiling to dampen the noise. Dark colored walls will make it easier for everyone to focus their eyes on the screen during the game. Choose dark paints, preferably blacks, greens and blues. Not only can your kids help choose the paint; they can help paint the room too. Also, go all out on your flooring. Exotic hardwoods have a polished look and will stay in good shape for decades and increase the value of your home.

Set up the technology

Everyone will want their eyes on the screen during the big game, so that means you'll need a big screen. If you can't spring for an HDTV of the size you're looking for, consider a projector system. You'll get a lot more screen real estate for your price. In addition, remember football is about the sound of a great tackle, too, so you'll need to set up surround sound speakers to experience the big game from all angles.

Pick out luxurious furniture

Sectionals are the name of the game when it comes to entertainment room furniture. You can always fit one more person on them, but they're also luxurious for just a handful of people to lounge. Having an ottoman or two gives you flexibility in kicking up your feet or setting them up as additional seating when you need it. The extra legroom will also help after the Super Bowl when you want to put your kids down for an afternoon nap.

Add finishing touches for Super Bowl Sunday

You should have at least a week or two left at this point to get ready for your big party. Deck out the room in a football theme by getting some framed posters of your favorite Pro Football Hall of Fame athletes. Guests will love paying tribute to some of the greats of history while watching some of today's top players. And of course, set out a food and beverage area in the back of the room and pick out some great dip recipes to keep guests snacking for the whole day.

Although there's a lot of work that needs to get done, you have several months so you can space out the expenses and work. Create a timeline for your project with a deadline for each step. And of course, once your room is done, don't forget to relax and enjoy it yourself, too. The room isn't just for the big day, but for you and your family to use whenever you want. Just think about the possibilities.

Image courtesy of Steve Bennett Builders

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