Karla is a mom to 1 Son, Cooper, and is married to an Englishman. She met her husband online in 1998, met in St. Louis, and married in 1999. She grew up in the Midwest so this is where she calls home.

Karla is a career Mom. She has worked in the hotel industry and is currently an accountant. She runs her website Bond With Karla to share information about family, healthy living, and spirituality. It’s all about finding balance in her life.

Finding a balance in life has been tough for Karla. Since starting a family in 2007, her priorities have shifted. While she enjoys her career her family come first. She now has a job that allows her to leave work at work at 5pm and spend the rest of her day to enjoy her family. As a family we enjoy going to the park, taking walks, and watching movies.

Karla is in the mist of her healthy journey. While it is a long journey, she is committed to losing weight and being healthy, not only for herself, but for her family. She doesn’t get a whole lot of mommy time but when she does she enjoys reading. She also spends some of her mommy time at the gym to ensure she is getting that healthy life she wants.

Karla may not have it all figured out yet, but she will. She is determined to make her life balance. To have a sense of peace and serenity. To know when she lays her head on the pillow all is right in Bond world. Do what it takes to make your world balance. All the work will be worth it in the end. Never back down and never give up.

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