Reviews and Giveaways:

Bond With Karla loves products and we would love to showcase your products to our readers. If you choose to do a giveaway with a review please know that your prodcuts is listed on multiple websites for maximum exposure.

General Reviews and Giveaways
One full sized product or a 2 month service subscription must be given for a review. All reviews that are given are done so with honesty and integrity.  This may include both positive and negative opinions of the product or service being reviewed.  A review is alsways free of charge. Reviews will be scheduled based on availability. Please inquire about scheduling a time on our calendar.

If a review is accompanied with a giveaway, it is also free of charge. If you would like us to ONLY do a giveaway, we will charge $25 per giveaway. We list all giveaways on multiple websites and spread it through out our social media networks. Since all of this is time consuming, we must charge a small fee. Again, if a review was done and product was supplied to us as well, this is free of charge.

Premimum Review Service:

If you would like a little extra promotion of your products we can help you out. For a small fee of $15 we will write a review on 3 different shopping sites of your choice. Most popular is of course Amazon and your own site if you allow reviews.


Advertorials are published based on your website information and reviews on shopping sites if they are available. No actual product is given for this review. We will also promote the advertorial on social networks. The fee for this service is $60.00.

Advertising Space:
If you would like to promote your products on our site we do have advertising space available. Space is limited. Your product will run for 30 days. You must provide your own banner or button. If you do not have a banner you can provide a picture of the product and a short description will work. Fee schedule is as follows:

  • Featured Product (top right)- $50 (200×300 or smaller)
  • Side Bar bottom of main page  – $30 (125×125) Weekly Newsletter- $15 (125X125)
  • Please contact us to see what spaces are available and to add you to our schedule.

For any questions or concerns please contact me. I hope we can work together soon!

Bond with Karla reserves the right to reject any offer that does not fit within the topic of our readers. Bond with Karla uses affiliate links within reviews, giveaways and advertorials once the contract has expired, 30 days from the post date.  Bond With Karla uses affiliate links for site maintenance and assistance that is needed.