Do-it-Yourself Home Office Storage Solutions

448629059_ceca252624_zIt’s a challenge to get organized in a small home office. Although office buildings may be equipped with tiny cubicles that somehow make room for everyone’s stuff, it’s not so easy finding a place for everything at home. Following are some crafty ways to create more space in your office, without spending a lot of money.

Crates are great

Old wooden crates make great storage. Use them to store upright file folders, or attach several of them together to make shelving.

You may be able to find old crates at salvage shops or antique stores, and it’s satisfying to repurpose something old and put it to good use. But if you can’t find any old ones, craft and fabric stores often sell new, unfinished crates for about $10 a piece. Make sure you sand them and apply varnish before using them to avoid splinters.

The power of pouches

Shelving isn’t the only solution for making more room on your desktop. You can use a magazine holder to store all sorts of things — bills, pencils and pens, notebooks — or you can make your own sturdy storage pouches.

Use leather or upholstery fabric to make your storage pouches, so they can support the weight of heavy objects. Reinforce the top of the pouch, using rivets and a rivet setter. You can use grommets and a grommet punch to make two holes in the pouch for easy hanging. Then attach the pouches to the wall and start de-cluttering your work area!

Extra space when you need it

When you’re working on a big project, you may sometimes need a little extra space. But it doesn’t make sense to keep an additional desk or table in your office if you’re only going to use it a few times a year. Besides, more surface area usually just results in more clutter anyway.

You may have to rearrange your room a bit to accommodate it, but a folding wall table is the perfect solution for small spaces. It stores flat against the wall, and when you need it, you just unfold it and pop the collapsible legs out for additional support.

User vertical space

There’s probably some unclaimed territory in your small office, and that’s just below the ceiling. As long as you have a stepladder, there’s no reason you can’t have shelving above your door frame. You can also suspend baskets from the ceiling to hold miscellaneous items.

Take a look at Pinterest for some inspiration about how to create low-cost solutions for your small space. You’ll find plenty of great ideas that are easy to implement.

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