child proof your home

Ensuring Your House is Baby Friendly

child proof your homeNew parents sometimes struggle to know which steps to take to ensure that their home is “baby-proof”. An exciting and sometimes baffling time, ensuring that you are well prepared is crucial so that you can be safe in the knowledge that your baby is protected around the home. Here are a few top tips for getting started:

Stair Gates

Any house with stairs will require a stair gate once your baby becomes more active and starts moving around. These can additionally be useful if you are looking to prevent your baby from entering the kitchen through the living room for example. From aluminium to wood to coloured options such as silver or cherry and black, these gates range in price, material and colour to suit a variety of needs.


Once your little treasure starts to move around, a playpen can be really useful when you need to complete those household chores such as cooking and cleaning. Soft materials make these comfortable for your child while they can be filled with toys to make life more entertaining. These are also easy to dismantle and transport if you are planning to go on trips – a great portable tool for you and baby.

Window Catches

As your child begins to grow, window locks and safety catches can be very useful. Ideally, particularly if you live in a house with more than one storey or a top floor flat, windows shouldn’t open more than 6.5 cm, ensuring that a child cannot squeeze through. Do not place beds or chairs beside windows as your child could climb onto these to access the handles. Balconies can also be dangerous so keep younger children away from them.


Playing outside is a joy during childhood but it can also come with a few pitfalls. If you purchase swings or trampolines for the garden ensure that they are on a grassy area in case of accidents. It is generally sensible to encourage your children to steer clear of roofs and garden sheds.    




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