Make Your Valentine’s Day Wedding Successful

It has become a fashion to tie the knot on Valentine’s Day as most of the couples are able to connect with the day as they feel that no day in the year other than 14th February has more romantic feel attached to it. As soon as the month of February comes, our hearts start fluttering as the market is filled with heart-shaped balloons all over and it inspires or excites us to say ‘I Do’ right on the day.

Having said that, it shall be said that desiring is one thing and achieving it is another. If you have decided to select your own theme, you can go for great wedding planning decorations, colors, invitations and wedding favors to facilitate your Valentine’s Day wedding theme in a grand way.

Set approximate budget and start preparing a list of items you will need to make your Valentine’s Day theme a success.

* Flowers – Pink, white, and of course-red. Pink flowers represent passion while white stands for purity and not to mention red for the everlasting love and romance. When you combine these three colors; what you get is a perfect Valentine’s Day theme and it talks about the sentiments you have for your sweetheart and your guests. Thus, go for these and make your valentine’s day themed marriage a success

* Decorations – Obviously you would not want your wedding’ decoration to look like a plastic display at a shop. So, make sure to personalize the things. Avoid huge cut-out of hearts and teddy bears. The main intention shall be to sit and decide with your spouse and other relatives as to what would work better as far as decoration is concerned. Thus, discuss things and then decide accordingly

* Favors – Favors in a wedding planning themes means giving your guests a personalized gift. It can include some perfumed candles that say ‘Thank You’ and last name of the person written. Suppose if you are giving a favor to William James, then the candles shall read ‘Thank You James’. Other things that could be given are almonds in the shape of a heart, chocolate covered pretzels , sugar cookies or a CD containing songs that can be played during the evening

* Others – The head table shall be decorated and maintained in a lavish way. But, that does not mean you can exceed your budget. If you think going for fresh-cut flowers could cut a hole in your pocket, just try going for large arrangement of silk flowers instead. If you don’t have enough time, just try hiring a local florist who has got a god experience in wedding decorations

Taking the route of these important things shall act as a guide for you to make the Valentine’s Day wedding theme a success. Always remember that marriage is a very special moment, so give it your best ever shot!

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