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3 Pro Tips To Stay As Germ Free As Possible While Out And About

It’s pretty crazy that it’s taken a pandemic to make people more aware of personal hygiene! I still find it funny that the world seemed to only just become aware of hand sanitizer this year. As we navigate this strange world in which a deadly virus still exists, it’s more important than ever to stay germ-free. Of course, even if coronavirus didn’t exist, you should apply these pro tips to improve your quality of life. Avoiding germs means you avoid things like the flu and remain healthy all-year-round. 

I know you’re excited, so let’s not waste any more time and jump into the tips:

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Sanitize your hands as regularly as can be

Make sure you keep your hands as clean as possible throughout the day. Washing them with soap and water is still the preferred method, so do this before you leave the house. If you see a sink anywhere, it’s always a good idea to use it. Remember the correct handwashing method to keep your hands free from all germs! Alongside this, bring some antibacterial gel wherever you go and use it as you change locations or after touching something. For example, when you open the door to go into a shop, use your hand sanitizer. 

Avoid touching things as much as possible

This is something I often do during peak flu season, and it’s come in handy throughout the pandemic. Where possible, avoid touching things – particularly surfaces that lots of people also touch. I will shoulder open doors instead of pushing them with my hand, and I’ll use my elbow to push the button to open the train doors. If you click here, you’ll see something that can help you to avoid touching things. Basically, it’s a germ-free key that lets you touch buttons, carry bags, and so on. Things like this are great as you keep your hands as clean as can be, restricting the chances of catching germs. 

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Carry antibacterial wipes wherever you go

Obviously, no matter how many gadgets you have, it’s impossible to avoid touching everything. So, bring some antibacterial wipes wherever you go. Here, you can wipe down surfaces before touching them. Again, it further minimizes the chances of germs spreading. You may get some weird looks as people think you’re exaggerating, but if everyone did this, the virus would probably be gone a lot quicker. I’ve always had an issue with touching things during the cold season anyway, so this is a simple trick to destroy bacteria and germs. 

These tips might seem a little extra to you, but that just shows you how strange our society is. Realistically, all of this should be a given at all times of the year. When you stop and think about it, we’re actually a pretty gross society! Before the pandemic, no shops would offer hand sanitizer on the door, public transport was filthy, and nobody knew how to wash their hands. Listen, we all want to get back to some degree of normality as quickly as possible. These tips will help you go outside and feel more confident about not catching or spreading any germs. Again, this advice isn’t coronavirus-specific! You should do this all the tie, particularly in winter when loads of germs are flying about. 

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