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Yummy.. Cheesecake

Last night hubby and I got a chance to go out. We chose the Cheesecake Factory. Yummaroo. Okay I know what your thinking.. “Karla your on a diet” Yeah well that is another story for another day.  We started off the meal with these yummy things called Buffalo Blasts

 The description was chicken coated in buffalo sauce with cheese stuffed into a spiced wrapper and deep fried.. Oh those are words to live by. So I thought they would be small and just a few of them They were HUGE and we got 10 of them.  Now when I first too a bite of them I wondered where the “blast” was at. It was very crunch a slightly tasted of buffalo wing. Now you see the red stuff on the side? Yeah well that is buffalo sauce. So no wonder I didn’t taste the blast. So I take a huge dip into the sauce and I thought it was so much better… 3 seconds later.. smoke was rolling from my ears and flames out of my mouth. I think I sucked back 12 oz of water in 5 seconds flat. These things are fantastic. Nothing like your lips turning blue before the entree.

Now I branched out a bit for the entree. I love their chicken and biscuts which is like a heartattack on a plate. I chose a new dish called Chicken Bellagio. 

There was a nice creamy basil pasta in a cream sauce. Two thin chicken breast very lightly breaded on top with some pancetta and a arugula salad.  The arugula salad had a slight lemon flavor which when eaten with the chicken and pasta is fantastic.  The pasta was super creamy and the perfect amount of basil flavor. Of course this dish was huge so I ended up bringing half of it home. 

Now who could leave the Cheesecake factory without a piece of cheesecake? Okay well my husband can. But not me. I ended up brining home my favorite piece from them, Banana Cream. Oh yummy doesn’t it look delicious?

I just ate this a moment ago and I am in heaven. I highly suggest it next time you may go there.

I know not many get time away from their kids but if you do and you have a Cheesecake Factory near by, this mean from top to bottom was fan-frickin-tastic.

If anyone knows how to possible make this dish healthy, jsut the chicken one, I would love to know.

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  2. First of all can I say how jealous I am of you – firstly for getting a night out with just you and your husband and secondly that all looks SOOOOO delicious! I love cheesecake and adding fresh fruit to it just makes it OH so scrumdiliumcious!!

    Thanks for sharing your night out it was great to hear what you’ve been up too!
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