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Why It’s Important To Lessen Your Chances Of Getting The Flu, Right Now

In light of what is going on in the world, you’re probably self-conscious of your own health. We have all had it tough these past few months but scientists are saying that it may still get worse. So, let’s start preparing our body and mind for the flu that will be coming in the winter. We’re being advised to not get the flu and the virus at the same time as it could be very dangerous. So, here are some anti-flu tips you can get to work on, right now in summer.

Avoid close contact

For the health of your children and yourself, avoid close contact with them. Even if you’re in the same household, washing your hands and sanitizer might not be enough all the time. So, avoid kissing them, hugging them or hand-feeding them. It’s vital that we do this so that we don’t give the flu or the virus any room to spread from human to human. It’s well-known that flu can stay on surfaces for up to 4-5 hours and the virus can stay for even longer. Wipe down all surfaces before and after use to make sure you’re not helping it.

Control your sneezing

If you feel you’re about to sneeze, remember to do it into your elbow. This is a tight spot which your nose can fit into and it’s rare that you will touch it or accidentally bump into someone else with your elbow. This gives you time to wipe your elbow crease down and perhaps change clothes. You should teach your kids to sneeze into their elbows and not into their hands to boost their chances of preventing the flu from getting near them.


Hand sanitizer

Keeping a small bottle of sanitizer in your pocket should become a normal part of your life. Equally as important, is placing a sanitizer in every room of your home. You should also learn the proper way to wash your hands, using the 7-step method that has been approved by medical experts. Washing your hands isn’t as simple as it may seem, the virus can hide on spots that we don’t normally clean, such as the wrists and underneath the nails.

Preparing your body

If you want to place flu-resistant nutrients into your body, use an IV therapy service. It’s very simple and very safe. A doctor will come by and ask you which kind of IV drip you prefer. Select the flu and cold product and then you’ll be asked to pass a medical. If all goes well, a nurse greets you and fits you with the drip. Slowly but surely, your body begins to feel cooler, lighter and more responsive. This is a great way to protect from the flu and the virus. 

Basic protective equipment

Even if you don’t have a mask per se, you can still wear a scarf as a face mask. You and your children have to dress like you’re half in winter already. Gloves also have to be worn as part of your basic protective gear when you go outside. 

It’s tough but we have to start thinking about protecting our families from the flu right now. Let’s all stay positive but don’t wait until winter, your health may depend on your prudent planning.

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