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After signing on the dotted line and joining a new network marketing opportunity, many new network marketers are overwhelmed by all of the product, marketing and compensation information that they wereNetwork Marketing ‘pitched’ during the sign-up process. Their dreams of finally making that fortune are in the forefront of their minds.

While it may be possible for the new distributor to do very well financially, they often start down the track of trying to ‘sell’ their friends and family on the wisdom of buying their product or joining their business. This is usually the point where the new distributor is met with skepticism and rejection, because their friends and family thinks it’s all a scam. Some family members may make a ‘sympathy’ purchase in order to show minimum family support.

Network marketing distributors are taught to pursue their ‘warm’ market by many up-lines sponsors and MLM companies. However, attacking the warm market and other traditional techniques to sell MLM products seems to be losing favor these days. More and more customers and prospects are finding it repulsive to be approached by someone trying to ‘sell’ them something. People don’t like to be sold, but they like to buy.

There are 3 action items that can help get the new network marketing distributor on the right path:

1. Take responsibility for your own learning – Realize that you are now a business owner and you need to understand the needs and desires of your potential customers and business partners. You need to learn the difference between marketing and selling. Start researching your target market now.

2. Learn how to share your business opportunity – Your prospect may be interested in what you have, if you present it in the right manner. Shouting at them and telling them how great your business is, only causes them to want to get away from you as soon as possible. Search the web and study marketing methods such as attraction marketing. Learn alternative ways to present information to a prospective customer.

3. Begin personal development training – Investing in your own development will have several benefits. You can learn new marketing techniques that teach you how to position yourself and your opportunity. You can start by simply learning how to use the company supplied presentation. You will need to practice to develop your presentation skills. Start practicing today!

The new network marketing representative has a lot coming at them after signing on with a new company, and it’s easy to get lost in the fog of all the stuff going on. The 3 action items mentioned above do not directly produce revenue, however, if they are implemented very soon after sign-up, a distributor’s ability to grow their business in terms of customers and business partners is significantly increased.

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