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The Top 4 Best Family Dog Breeds

The Top 4 Best Family Dog BreedsPet dogs are very common in various states. However, there are some breeds that are more popular than others. There are seven breeds that most homeowners consider when they visit pet shops. No matter what pet is chosen, proper nutrition, attention and modern dog furniture will keep the pet comfortable.


This particular breed is very affectionate. Dachshunds are also curious and bold; however, they are also somewhat mischievous. Dachshunds need leadership because it is important. Without leadership, they will have behavioral problems. There are several kinds of dachshunds. There are dogs that have short hair, long hair, and wired hair.


The Rottwieler is a large dog that is a favorite choice for families because it is also affectionate. It is also a great pet for hunters because it has hunting companion skills. Because Rottwielers are so skilled, they are used a lot during rescue missions.

The Rottwieler is confident, courageous, and calm, according to a popular kennel club. It is a great dog because it understands how to protect the home and family. Rottwielers are very intelligent, and they have the willingness to work, so they are efficient, all-purpose pets.


Poodles are very graceful and intelligent. Although there are tons of dog breeds, the poodle is considered to be one of the most trainable breeds. General poodles are happy and pleasant. They will require a lot of exercise each day. Without the proper exercise, poodles will get high strung.

Poodles have several solid colors on their fur. The colors can be apricot, white, gray, and black. A poodle’s fur will require a lot of grooming. Most families choose a poodle as a pet because its fur is hypoallergenic. Because of this, it is a good pet for anyone who may have allergies.


The boxer is a short hair dog that is muscular. It has a head that is very distinctive because it is shaped like a square. The boxer is a gentle pet, and it is also playful.

The boxer gained its name because it is so playful and curious. When boxers play in the home, they will use their front paws for all tasks. Generally, boxers will paw food and toys similar to the way a cat uses its paws. Also, a boxer likes to jump and use its front paws like it is boxing. This is how the boxer got its name.

Overall, there are tons of dogs that make great pets for families. When choosing a pet, consider the breed and the benefits it offers to the family.



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