How These Toys Make Sports More Fun for Kids

How These Toys Make Sports More Fun For KidsOne thing that is important for any child is being active. Physical fitness is an extremely important part of growing up healthy. Becoming involved in sports can help a child grow up active. Below are a few new kinds of toys that can help make sports fun for your young children.

Electronic Miniature Basketball Hoop

One sport that is very easy to get a child interested in at an early age is Basketball. Basketball may seem like a sport that only taller people can play. However, a miniature basketball hoop can do wonders. If your child can dunk at an early age, that interest may become lifelong. Some newer designs from companies like Nerf are actually quite advanced. They use electronics to keep track of the score and transfer that information to a mobile app. This can make basketball even more exciting for kids.

Chalk Trailing Bicycle Attachment

Bike riding is another fun sport every child should partake in. There are many ways to make children excited about riding a bike. However, a new one was recently introduced. There is now an attachment that can be added to a bike’s back wheel that holds a large piece of chalk that is dragged behind as the bike is peddled. This will allow your child to both be active and creative at the same time.

Light-Up Football

Most young children love things that glow in the dark. Thankfully, there is now a glow in the dark football for sale that implements LED technology. It can light up and provide your children with plenty of active fun after the sun goes down. Unlike previous designs for glow in the dark footballs, it does not have to be exposed to light to glow. It is actually battery powered. You can find light-up footballs as well as light-up basketballs, soccer balls and volleyballs from different online retailers.

Pocket Frisbee

There is now a design for a Frisbee that can actually be folded up and stored in a pocket. This new toy, known as the Pocket Disc, is made out of cotton instead of plastic. It is soft to the touch and colorful, making it very appealing to young children that want a Frisbee that can be taken anywhere.


Overall, getting children interested in sports early is important. The benefits of the exercise will be well worth it. One way to accomplish this is by making sports fun with toys.

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