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What You Need To Know About Tamulosin

Kidney stones form in the kidney and are passed through urine. In the initial stages when they are still small, they are passed without one noticing anything. Once they become big, they block the ureter and become a real pain. Kidney stones are caused by high concentration of uric acid, calcium, cystine and struvite. One of the drugs used to treat kidney stones is Tamsulosin. The drug helps in reducing resistance by blocking alpha 1 receptors and relaxing bladder muscles and fibers when urinating. Here’s what you need to know about Tamsulosin;


Belonging to the category of alpha-blocker medicines, Tamsulosin limits alpha 1 receptors and relaxes the bladder muscles and the prostate which improves the flow of urine in men with enlarged prostate gland. It should never be taken more than once in a day.

Administering the drug

Tamsulosin should be taken at the same time every day, usually half an hour after your meal. Depending on whether taken on an empty stomach or a full one, Tamsulosin takes between four to seven hours to reach peak concentrations. The capsules should never be opened, chewed or crushed before swallowing. Always follow the directions given by your doctor, only decreasing or increasing the dosage under their advice. It may take up to five days before realizing painless passing of urine.

Drop in blood pressure

People who have just started using Tamsulosin or are increasing their dosage often experience dizziness when shifting from a resting position to a standing position. This is often due to a drop in the blood pressure in the body. In some cases, users suffer from temporary loss of consciousness. Always ensure that the surrounding area if free of harmful objects when using the drug. It is advisable to keep of alcohol when under Tamsulosin prescription. These effects usually disappear as the body acclimatizes itself to the drug. The drug should now however be seen as a way of lowering one’s blood pressure.

Reacts with other medicine

Tamsulosin can react with a number of other medicines. It is therefore to consult your doctor if you are on other medication before starting on the drug. Tamsulosin is also not suitable for people who are allergic to sulfa even though cases of a reactions are rare. Those who are undergoing glaucoma or cataract surgeries should not take the drug.

Other medical conditions

People with certain medical conditions are at a higher risks of developing side effects when under Tamsulosin medication. Such conditions include liver, heart and kidney problems, diabetes and seizures. Children and senior citizens are more exposed to these side effects than adults. Always remember that consultation with your doctor is key when taking Tamsulosin For Kidney Stones.

Sexual dysfunction

The use of Tamsulosin can lead to sexual dysfunction in sexually active males. Men may experience decrease in semen production and reduced ejaculations. Cases of painful erections have also been documented. Other effects of the drug include dizziness, drowsiness, headaches and a running nose. Always consult your doctor if you experience any side effects when using the drug.

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