5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe When They’re Playing Outside

safe drivewayAt some point in the not-so-distant past, many parents fell under the impression that all outdoor play was dangerous. However, it is now starting to seem that too much indoor activity isn’t exactly good for them either. So many children are obese and obsessed with their computers. You want the kids to go outside, but you want to ensure they are safe. What are five things you have to deal with, and how can you keep them safe from these elements?

The Fear of Strangers

This is probably the biggest issue that parents have with their children going outside. It seems that we hear of another child abduction story practically every day on the news, and parents are terrified of this happening. One suggestion is for the parents to go outside with their children or to allow them to play right by a window, so a watchful eye can always be present. Children must also be taught to stay with a group and to never, ever go with a stranger.

Stray Animals and Bugs

Other parents worry that their children will approach a stray animal or get stung by a bug to which they are allergic. Little ones should be taught how to react when such a creature comes near. Wearing bug spray is a way to keep the bees and mosquitoes at bay, and parents should let children know to tell them if they see another stray animal.

Falling and Wounds

The fear of a child falling down is also scary. However, parents must realize that a couple of scratches are a natural part of childhood. Nevertheless, preventative measures can be taken to minimize the amount of injuries sustained. For example, broken backyard toys can be fixed or thrown away, and parents can also look into driveway services by CR Macdonald as well as many other professionals that can help you to know when to replace or you repair your drive so that your driveway is safe and smooth.

Playing in The Street

As children grow older, they might want to start playing ball in the street or crossing over to their friend’s house. Parents should encourage children to go to a local park instead, and they must not let their children cross the street until they are ready. Furthermore, the business of the street also must play a factor.

Pool Safety

There is no safe way for a child to be alone with a pool. Pools always need to have gates around them, and installing a security system really lets parents know if someone has crossed the boundaries. Children always need to be supervised when they are in a pool, and no exceptions exist to this rule.

Some of these safety tips call for more outdoor parent present, and others suggest amending the play area; however, all of them require parents to be more involved in the lives of their children.

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  1. It’s especially difficult to be sure of the safety of children when they become teenagers and try to avoid parental supervision. Thank you for sharing such valuable information!

  2. Another thing you really should consider is installing video surveillance cameras on the playground. While your baby is very small, you always accompany him/her. But you can’t always do this to ensure the safety of your child, because the child is growing up and aspires to independence. I think it wouldn’t hurt to talk to the parents of other children in your area and chip in for a video surveillance system.
    Having something that is visually obvious that displays security presence can greatly deter intruders, including kidnappers. And considering that kidnappings often happen when a child is put in a car, it’s better to install cameras with license plate recognition. We have an article which tells how it works:

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