Three Awesome Ways to Make Your Home Family Friendly

3 Awesome Ways to Make Your Home Family FriendlyYou want your home to be a source of enjoyment and pride. That means having attractive décor and keeping it clean, but you don’t want it to feel sterile. A family friendly home feels lived in. It’s a welcoming atmosphere for people of all ages, and it’s easier to create than you think.

Choose Low-Maintenance Materials

Suede may look great, but how easily will that fabric clean if your little one spills a drink on it? With family-friendly materials that are easy to clean, your kids can learn that spills happen and you just have to clean them up. Wood is better than metal because it won’t show every fingerprint and a few dents aren’t a big issue. Microfiber, wool and leather are all great choices for the upholstery because they’re durable and easy to clean. Protect the furniture by spraying the fabric with stain guard to prevent problems down the road. When painting the walls, look for washable finishes like semigloss or satin paints.

Get Safe Window Treatments

Little ones like to wrap things around themselves, and this can turn deadly with long drapes or the cords from blinds. Interior shutters are a great choice because there’s no long fabric or cords to pose a strangulation hazard. They also have a casual feel that works nicely in family-friendly homes. Choose shutters with moveable louvers so that you can leave the closed while still controlling how much light enters the home. The blinds are also easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about dust building up on them.

Add the Carpet

If you have hard flooring surfaces in your home, then you’ll want to cover those areas with soft carpeting. Tile and hardwood floors are painful for toddlers to fall on, and they can be slick for older kids. You don’t have to cover the entire surface. Just put down an area rug or runner to provide more traction in the main traffic area and keep the family safe. An added bonus is that the rugs will absorb noise, so your family life can feel a little quieter even if the volume doesn’t actually change.

Creating a family-friendly home starts with the materials and window treatments you choose. Whether you’re going for a casual décor or you prefer something more finished, these steps will ensure that your home is ready for people of all ages. It will be attractive, inviting, and impressive when you add the right family-friendly touches.

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4 thoughts on “Three Awesome Ways to Make Your Home Family Friendly

  1. Thank you for sharing these tips! I also prefer sutters instead of curtains. They look especially good on small windows in small rooms. And, yes, they don’t accumulate dust so much. Therefore, don’t pollute the air in the house.

  2. Another way to make your home family-friendly is to pay attention to the air quality in it. For this, you should change the filters of HVAC systems once every three months, do the vacuuming and wet cleaning regularly, and add some indoor plants. Don’t neglect this, as poor indoor air quality can affect your health and cause severe headaches, fatigue, respiratory diseases, and heart problems.

  3. Adding soft carpeting, don’t forget tha? they need frequent and thorough cleaning. Otherwise, it will become the cause of poor air quality in your home ( Carpets accumulate lots of dust and allergens and it can pose a great threat to the health of your family members, especially for the little ones who still spend a lot of time on the floor.

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