Amazing Everyday Learning Experiences for Children

 If you deal with children on daily basis, be it that you are a parent, a sibling, or it is your job, it is important that you try to make the child’s time as valuable as possible. Remember that no matter how silly things may seem, it will mean something to a little kid. Here is a short list of simple things that children can learn while they are out:

 Colours and Numbers:

When you are out with children they would be surrounded with a countless number of colourful things and objects such as cars or flowers. So it is not a bad idea to make your child count the number of flowers s/he sees or perhaps identify the different colours of cars, or even count the number of red phone booths on their way.

 Alphabets (reading and spelling):

Streets are also full of directions, street names, and store signs. Take advantage of this opportunity and, depending on the child’s age of course, make them either spell the alphabets of a store’s name or read it in full. This way, the kids will be able to relate what they have been learning to something in real life.

 Dealing with money:

After you enter a shop and grab the things you wanted to buy, initiate to giving your child the authority of making payments and receiving change. By exposing little kids to dealing with money they will develop a sense of responsibility and cautiousness and make them understand the value of money. They will also improve their communication and social skills and overcome public shyness. Moreover, trusting them with money will boost their self-confidence.

 Crossing the road:

This is actually a very important point that must be given a great value of attention. Although crossing the road may seem a very simple thing that we do 10 times every day, try to remember when you first crossed the road on your own. Firstly, it is a matter of responsibility to make sure that your child is on the safe side when they are on their own outside. Secondly, it is important for a child to learn to cross from the crossing path or when it is a green man light, not only because it is safe but to learn that abiding by the rules is important. Furthermore, a child should be aware of there rights and duties; and the priority to pedestrians on the street is every person’s right!

 Understanding signs:

Last but not least, whichever place you go will have at least one sign: roads, parking lots, malls, etc. Alert your kid about the existence of a sign and explain what it means, as well as the reason for placing it in a specific location. There are an infinite number of signs but important ones include bus stops and stations, disability, police, and stop and danger signs.


Written by Elizabeth James, who writes for a private tuition company, Kumon.

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