The 5 Family Friendly Neighborhoods That Are Perfect For Your Kids Upbringing

The 5 Family Friendly Neighborhoods That Are Perfect For Your Kids UpbringingAre you starting a family and looking to uproot, buy a home of your own and raise your family in the perfect location? America is full of great places to raise your children, but some are obviously better than others. When looking at great places to put down your roots and start a family, you are usually looking for three things – safety, good schools and job opportunities. Here are five neighborhoods that rank high when considering the perfect places to raise a family in America.

Niles, Illinois

When it comes to neighborhoods that have great job opportunities, most of them are located close to big cities. Niles is one of the safest Chicago suburbs. It’s perfect for people who work in Chicago as well; with a very advanced public transportation system that even includes free bus rides all over the town and to most of the major shopping centers in the town. It also boasts a very low crime rate and a large selection of public and private schools of every level. The population is about 30,000 and the average family income in Niles is close to $75,000 per year.

Rowland Heights, California

Rowland Heights is located in the San Gabriel Valley and it’s only about 25 miles away from downtown Los Angeles. It’s a pretty big town with over 45,000 citizens and an average family income of about $73,000. Rowland Heights has great options for sending your children to school. John A. Rowland High School and Killian Elementary School are some of the most highly regarded schools in the region. Living in Rowland Heights, you are connected to big city life without having to deal with all of the problems associated with living in a sometimes dangerous and always polluted city like Los Angeles.

Clinton, Tennessee

Clinton is a very small town of only about 10,000 people and it is very close to Knoxville. There is some beautiful nature for the kids in Clinton, especially down by the Clinch River, where there is tons of recreational space. Anderson County High School is the school of choice for Clinton parents and it’s one of the top rated schools in the state.

Kensington, Connecticut

This upscale neighborhood near Hartford has a median family income of over $90,000, making it one of the most affluent neighborhoods on the east coast. Not only is it close to Hartford, but you’re in downtown New York in 30 minutes by train from Kensington as well. All the country schools are excellent as well.

Pleasant Grove, Utah

With a serene setting surrounded by mountains and new home construction in Pleasant Grove, Utah it makes it a great place to raise a family. The population is very young, with almost 60 percent of households that have children under the age of 18. The school district is also highly regarded. It is in the Provo–Orem metropolitan area and boasts a great employment rate as well.


If you are looking to relocate to raise a family in the best setting possible, you really can’t go wrong with any of these five great neighborhoods.

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