Halloween Costume Ideas, No Sewing Required!

Halloween costumes have only increased in popularity over the years. As household budgets have tightened, however, it has become desirable to make your own costume instead of buying one.

Whether you’re making a Halloween costume for yourself or your kids, the important issue of whether or not you can operate a sewing machine could come up. If, like me, sewing has never been an interest or acquired skill, there are still many Halloween costumes you can make using some ingenuity and simple craft supplies.

Be a Rock Star!

It’s time to dig out your old t-shirts, but stick to the ones that have the logos of your favorite bands on the front. After choosing one of those to wear, grab a pair of old jeans and decorate with rough gashes and tears. Spike or tease your hair, or if you have a few bucks, purchase a simple wig in the tradition of 80’s rock bands. Add some eyeliner and a guitar (real or constructed from cardboard), and your Halloween costume is ready to rock.

Chick Magnet

This Halloween costume is fun and easy to make. Create several small baby chicks out of sturdy paper and color. If, like me, you’re not an artist, find a drawing of a chick online and print several copies to color and cut out. Along with the chicks, create and color several horseshoe-shaped magnets about the same size.

Once the chicks and magnets are prepared, use materials that will help your paper chicks and magnets stick to your clothes. These could include heavy-duty packing or duct tape that’s rolled and stuck on the back of each, clothes pins, or safety pins. Then you’ll be ready to introduce your chick magnetized self to the world!

Career Day

You probably have all of the materials needed for a “Career” style Halloween costume. These could include a basketball player, doctor, ballerina, politician or businesswoman. Use shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, hats, jackets and ties as needed from the closets around your home to create a smart and easy now-sew Halloween costume that won’t cost a penny!

Pig in a Blanket

This no-sew Halloween costume is a personal favorite. Use a headband and pink paper or felt to create piggy ears, then make a pig nose using a cardboard tube (similar to a toilet paper or paper towel tube) and pink construction paper. Poke small holes on the sides of the pig nose, and tie a length of string or yarn in each one. Fit the pig nose on your face and secure it by tying the string or yarn at the back of your head.

The blanket part of this costume is also easy. Take an old blanket and wrap it around your body, securing it with more string or a belt. Make sure it fits comfortably, and use a smaller blanket for a more secure fit.

These four examples illustrate how sewing isn’t required to make an amazing Halloween costume. Using imagination, resourcefulness, and a few items around your house, you can make your own unique, no-sew costume for the holiday.

Kelly Wilson is a freelance writer and the budget-conscious mom of two young boys. For ideas on how to keep your kids’ teeth cavity-free during Halloween, visit Dr. Brett Johnson, an Oregon City dentist.

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