Recycled Glass Bottles

Green Week: DIY Home Decor Projects

Recycled Glass BottlesAs Green Week continues I thought I would look for some home decor projects that you could do that would be recycling items you may already have around the house. Last week I wrote about how you can use carboard to make a wreath for any occassion. Here are a few DIY home decor blogs that I found that have some fantastic ideas that I am going to be keeping in mind.

Recycled Glass Bottles

The Go Green Blog has a really clever idea on how to recycle glass bottles. This is an adults only project as it requires tools and precision.  Impress your guest with a cool glass with a very cool label. These will bring up some get conversation.

Coffee Filter Wreath

Coffee filter are fairly cheap to buy so why not make something with them. The Nester has come up with a great coffee filter wreath and tree. She makes it look so easy and they turned out so beautiful. I never would have thought coffee filter could look so good.

Recycled Candles

I am a candle freak but sometime I don’t know what to do when the wick runs out yet there is tons of wax left. Maie Dae has a great suggestion as to what to do with leftover candles. Candles are expensive so get your monies worth.

Plastic Spoon Hanging Lamp

This has to be the coolest thing I have even seen. The end result doesn’t look like they are spoons. DIY Crafts To Make has so many good ideas like this awesome hanging lamp. I am for sure bookmarking this for a later return.

Are you crafy? Do you do a lot of DIY around your house? If so, leave us a message below so we can check you out. Also, Bond With Karla is looking for guest bloggers who are crafty and DIY their home so if your intersted  contact me.

Photo: GoGreen Blog

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