The Voice – Season Finale Week 15

cassadee-pope-e1354617680462A little late but in case you missed it….

The season finale of “The Voice” kicked off in the most touching way possible – with a tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy. All of the contestants and judges dressed in black, held the name of one of the victims and sang “Hallelujah” together. It’s a tear-jerker and the best possible way to recognize the tragedy while still sticking with the show’s values.

After that’s over, it’s time for the last three contestants to do their stuff and battle it out for the title of “The Voice.” The first singer to take the stage is Nicholas David, who kicks the show off with “Great Balls of Fire.” It’s a perfect song choice for him, especially because we’re so used to hearing his more soulful songs. All of the judges really seem to like his more “fun” side, but it’s got to be hard to open the show with that number after the tribute song. Still, he nails the song and it helps to lighten the mood a little.

Cassadee Pope

Cassadee Pope is the next singer to take the stage. Blake has chosen another country song for her – “Over You” – and I can’t help but remember that she’s come a long way from her roots at the beginning of the show. After all, she used to favor rock but Blake has inched her into a country persona and it really suits her. Blake wrote the song with his wife, which makes it all the more touching. She does the song complete and utter justice and leaves the audience in tears. The song is about Blake’s brother, who passed away, so the song has special meaning in light of the recent events. All of the judges give credit where credit is due and I’m glad Cassadee is getting the kudos she deserves.

Terry McDermott

Terry has a chance to perform with Adam before he takes the stage on his own and they sing “Dude Looks like a Lady” together. Adam takes his shirt off, female audience members swoon, you know the drill. Terry then sings “Broken Wings” which is kind of old-school for such a modern competition. It’s made more touching when Terry reveals that “Broken Wings” is his son’s favorite song and of course, Terry does a good job with it. All of the judges seem really impressed, which makes sense because it’s the final three and of course all of the judges like the remaining contestants.

Nicolas David

Nicholas sings his second song, which is “Lean On Me.” I like the guy’s voice, but he sings so many similar songs that they kind of blend together performance-wise. The coolest part about his time on stage is the choir singing backup and making the song a little deeper. The judges all seem to like the performance, but Adam is too concerned with Nicholas’ outfit to give any constructive criticism.

Cassadee hits the stage with Blake for a rendition of “Steve McQueen” before her final song. We get to see how sweet Blake is about being a mentor and making sure that Cassadee succeeds – he even takes her home to meet his family!

Terry gets to sing next and he does “I Wanna Know What Love Is” and it’s the perfect song for Terry’s voice. He might be the frontrunner for this season, but we haven’t seen Cassadee’s last push yet either. Blake loves the song so much that he calls it Terry’s “break out moment.” Of course he would save the best for last to knock the socks off of everyone at home, I just don’t know if it’ll be enough to reign supreme.

Cassadee gets the job of closing out the show, which is a huge advantage – as long as she nails her performance. She sings “Cry,” rounding out her country performances. I’d be surprised if she doesn’t go country right out of the gate, whether she wins or not. After the song, Adam laments that Cassadee wasn’t on his team all along, but Blake is totally speechless. That’s a good sign, right?

The Results Show

The results show starts with Rihanna taking the stage to sing “Diamonds.” The remaining contestants then get to perform with some of the eliminated singers. Terry sings “Rock n’ Roll All Night” with Michaela, Bryan, Amanda and Rudy and it’s a nice little memorial to the singers who already went home. As a special treat, Smokey Robinson himself comes out to sing “Crusin” with Nicholas David – I die. Cassadee Pope gets to perform with The Killers and a bunch of the eliminated guys sing “Stacy’s Mom.” Obviously the producers are pulling out all the stops to hype up the results show.

Another star, Kelly Clarkson, sings with Terry and Cassadee, while we get a sneak peek at next season and the judges who will take Christina and CeeLo’s places – Usher and Shakira. Other stars that show up include Peter Frampton, Bruno Mars, Jason Aldean, Avril Lavigne and Rascal Flatts.

Another surprise? The top three get to take home a brand new car, a nice plug for Kia and a nice bonus for making it as far as they did.

And the Winner is….

Finally, it’s time to announce the winner of Season Three. The singer to come in third place is Nicholas David. I can understand that – his style doesn’t appeal as widely as the other singers. Next, it’s shocking when Terry is cut as second place – making Cassadee Pope the winner of Season Three! Blake’s team takes the cake again and Cassadee represents everything “The Voice” stands for – talent and growth on one stage.

Another season is on the books. Now I’m just looking forward to next season, the antics of Usher and Shakira and to see whether Team Blake can take a third season.

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