The Voice Season 3, Week 3 Recap


At the start of the show, Blake waxes poetic about the excitement of the format for "The Voice." He loves the mystery of hearing a person without seeing them. It sounds like he'd also really like phone dating. Still, he has seven singers for his team and has his hat thrown in the ring against the other three coaches. Unfortunately, thanks to the world's longest taping schedule, XTina is still rockin' the gold blazer, which means I can't even comment on her outfits until the blind auditions are over.

The first singer out of the gate is a mom named Michelle, who has a couple kids and a really old dream of becoming a singer. Her boss is the one who pushed her to try out. Let's just hope it wasn't a really nice way of saying "We're letting you go." And speaking of getting let go, her husband made the NFL, only to be released before he ever played a game. Of course, when she hits the stage and belts out "Proud Mary," Adam and Cee-Lo bang their buttons almost simultaneously and Christina hits hers right near the end of the song. When she has to make her decision, she chooses Adam, shocking both of the other coaches. I guess she can quit her day job after all.

Another "music changed my life" story comes from Lauren, a New Yorker who was so shy that her parents built her a stage in her house where she could perform. She also has a learning disability – dyslexia – that she used music to overcome. She moved to Nashville for country and is obviously gunning for a spot on Team Blake. She sings "Cowboy Cassanova" with a so-so performance, and despite the sad story lead-up, doesn't get anyone to turn around. Adam tells her that she was "pitchy," which is basically the nail in the coffin for any TV singing competition.

Other singers are luckier than poor Lauren. Suzanna, a music teacher, gets through on Team Blake after singing an understated version of "Landslide," and past-season vet Dez gets a second chance as he gets three chairs to turn around and finally chooses Christina.

I started when I was three..

Can we take a break here to discuss how every singer says they started at age three like it matters? Yeah, you and every three-year-old ever, have you ever heard of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?" Didn't mean to sidetrack but I'd like that phrase to be stricken from singing competition interviews forevermore.

Sorry, moving on.

Katrina survivor Alexis probably has the most heart-wrenching story of the night, heading to "The Voice" stage after her family lost everything they owned. Luckily, Cee-Lo turned his chair while she sang "Go Your Own Way," so all of the sad home footage wasn't all for naught. Cee-Lo calls her voice "impeccable" and they exchange much love and the rest of the coaches agree that it was the right choice.

My favorite singer of the night? Definitely Brandon, the soulful crooner with the Smokey Robinson voice, clocking in at only 17 years old. He gets Christina, Cee-Lo and Adam to turn around and I'd be lying if I said I didn't watch the performance twice. He ends up on Team Adam, which is a brilliant choice.


After another night of blind auditions, Adam has just two slots left open for his team. Christina and Cee-Lo both have three spots open for new singers and Blake is pulling up the rear with only 12 – he needs to pick up four more going into the second night of the week's auditions. As the night kicks off, Egyptian singer Sylvia tries her hand at Rihanna's song, "Only Girl in the World." While XTina sings along and toys with her button, she hits it at the very last second, with Cee-Lo and Blake following close behind. Christina tries to swing Sylvia her way by saying that they have a lot in common and it works; she winds up on Team XTina.

Poor Blake

While it looks bleak for Blake, a country crooner should be enough to fill up one of the remaining four spots on his team. Luckily, a pig farmer named I.J. Quinn seems like the perfect fit for Team Blake… until he starts singing "Virtual Insanity" with a comically high voice; so much for judging a book by its cover. Despite holding out the last note as long as possible, no one takes the bait and I.J. heads back to the farm.

Finally, Blake catches a break with mechanic Charlie, who is personally invited to try out by Carson Daly, who I always manage to forget is actually the host of the show. Charlie sings "Home" like butter and gets Blake to hit his button first, which is a no-brainer. After all, Blake has recorded a version of that song himself. Adam throws his hat in the ring too, but Blake sweet-talks his way into getting a solid singer on his side.

Rock band front man – er, woman – Cassadee has already toured with her group Hey Monday, but wants to go solo. Her mentor Pete Wentz even sends a message to give her a pat on the back before she goes onstage. She sings "Torn" and catches the attention of Adam, Christina and Blake before she even finishes the first verse of the song. Cee-Lo holds out and hits the button by the end, making her the first four-button of the night. After pitches from each coach, she finally goes with Blake – a total upset for Adam, who thought he had her in the bag.

It's getting down there

After the night, Adam still has two spots unfilled, while Blake boasts two new members to his tem. Cee-Lo and Christina both picked up one more artist apiece. With only one more week and a few spots left_, stuff's bound to get as uncomfortable as I feel whenever Cee-Lo talks to his bird. Luckily, it'll all be worth it when the teams are finally filled and we can get down to business.

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