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Street Smarts: How to Teach Kids to Stay Safe in a City

Street Smarts How to Teach Kids to Stay Safe in a CityStreet Smarts How to Teach Kids to Stay Safe in a CityLiving in the city is an exciting experience, but it does take a certain amount of street smarts. That’s why if you’re choosing urban living over the suburbs, you must teach your kids exactly how to stay safe in a city. When you do that, you are preparing them for all they might come across in this environment.

Teach Through Experience

One of the main ways to teach kids to stay safe in a city is through experiences. While we can instill in our children all we want that they need to stay alert and avoid dangers, nothing will teach them exactly what needs to be done quite like experience. Of course, that doesn’t mean letting your children go roaming the city streets on their own. Instead, walk around the city with your child. Show them the ropes of where you are living, and point out things they should keep an eye out for in your area. When they can actually see everything for themselves and have some guidance from you, they will know how to keep themselves safe in the city.

Instill the Basics

It is important you make it very clear to your child the basics of living in a city. For instance, Yearwood & Company say to teach them they must always cross at the pedestrian crossings and intersections. Under no circumstance should they jaywalk, as this is extremely dangerous and illegal. You don’t want your child to have to be dealing with a lawyer from Langley just because they weren’t taught the right safety measures. Also, make it clear that it is always better to be safe than sorry, so take the extra precautions. You should let your kids know that crossing between vehicles, whether they’re parked or not, is dangerous as well, because a car could be passing around the vehicle they’re crossing in front of.

Watch Out For Driveways

Another area that children have to be careful of in the city are driveways. You must teach your kids to use extra caution when walking past driveways, especially ones that are hidden or obstructed. That’s because if people are backing out, they may not be able to see very well, and a lot of times people don’t think to look for children crossing behind the car. Instead, they are often focused on seeing if there are any cars passing by.

Raising children in the city gives them an experience that the suburbs could never deliver. Parents have to make sure they’re teaching their kids the proper safety measures. When kids know exactly what to do in these types of situations, they’ll be properly protected.


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