Effective Ways To Help Your Child Who Is Being Bullied

ChildOne of the most difficult challenges for parents is learning how to cope with a child who is being bullied and continues to suffer from the abuse. For children who are bullied at school or within specific groups, it can have damaging effects that last long-term. To help your child during the painful process, there are a few steps to take protect your loved one and obtain professional help.

Contact Someone at the School

If your child has experienced bullying in a school setting, it’s important to contact a teacher or principal who can help. Adults at the school should be aware of the problem and willing it help if disciplinary actions are in place if the bullying continues. A school teacher or counselor can also help to monitor the behavior to protect your child.

Many bullying laws and policies are also established in many states to protect your child if the actions persists.

Find an Alternative Schedule

If your child is bullied by another student or peer in their class or on a bus route home, consider changing their schedule and making it easy for them to avoid the bully. Try finding a carpool that they can ride home or switch a soccer team or league that they may be on.

Seek Professional Help

To help your child cope with the emotional stress and pain that they’ve endured due to the harassment, it’s important to seek professional help where their voice can be heard. According to Dalton Associates, which offers counselling in Mississauga, the child will be able to begin the process of healing and moving on with another adult who is not their parent. They’ll be able to process their emotions and learn how to remain strong during the process to ensure that their development thrives.

Help Your Child Choose Their Attitude

It’s important to encourage your child to remain strong and positive in the midst of bullying. Help them understand the importance of restraining from retaliation and doing their best to ignore the bully. Discuss the pain or insecurity that the bully is likely suffering from, which causes him or her to target other children. This can help your child see the situation from a different perspective and avoid taking it personally.


When your child suffers from bullying, there are many tools and resources available to equip them through the process. It’s possible for them to remain strong and seek out help from an adult if the bullying continues with the help of parents’ guidance.

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