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Five Tips to Combat Christmas Gain

Christmas is probably one of the seasons when people are expected to just pig out endlessly. Parties here and invitations there are popping out in a spur of the moment. Homes drop the idea of healthy eating as it is a special day for indulgence and bonding. But what if you are way over your limitations and end up gaining one pound a day in the month of December?

It is a nightmare to be gaining extra pounds, say 10 pounds in just 30 days. That can be a problem later even if you are on your fitness routines. In order to take yourself out of the picture of holiday fatness, consider these five fitness tips to combat Christmas gain:

Elevate the intensity and speed of your training.

If you’re used to not pushing yourself harder during your workout hours at the gym, maybe you can heighten up a little bit as far as speed and intensity of your routines. If you aren’t working out, just pick any activity that gets you moving and sweating out even for just 30 minutes.

Get adequate time under the sheets.

If you are able to sleep adequately at night, you will feel refreshed and normal. If your system is in the standard body clock, you won’t have problems with managing your diet. Power naps may also help you. Surveys say that if you deprive yourself from sleeping normally, you will have the tendency to overeat and gain weight.

Watch over your food intake.

This is very straightforwardly suggested by fitness gurus and nutritionists. Even if your mind is telling you the food at the table is tempting and yummy, be disciplined to eat just tiny portions.

Don’t be tempted by alcohol and soda.

Drinks are probably overflowing during Christmas time. Encourage yourself not to be too tempted to drink beyond a glass. It’s okay to indulge but not too much. In lieu of alcohol, you can go for less-fattening juices and zero-calorie energy drinks. Red wine can be good but don’t get intoxicated. It’s important to know your limits with beverages and liquid choices.

Reward yourself with a relaxing massage.

Instead of just pigging out, why not go for a relaxing full-body massage or foot spa. In that way, you are diverting your attention to releasing toxins rather than inviting some. Massage services can make you feel good and stabilize your bodily systems, to include your digestive mechanism. If your body doesn’t feel rejuvenated and relaxed, there is a chance that you feel restless, hungry and unrelieved at times.

As much as possible, don’t allow Christmas season to defeat your weight loss concentration. You can have your cake and eat it to, in moderation.

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