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Making Room for Kids: Five Modifications Your Home Needs

Making Room for Kids Five Modifications Your Home NeedsMaking Room for Kids Five Modifications Your Home NeedsMaking Room for Kids Five Modifications Your Home NeedsChildren are such wonderful additions to any family! Their joyful spirits, high energy curiosity, and innocent questions leave many parents in deliriums of happiness and exhaustion. While parents love to bond with their kids, there are times when they are on their own, and accidents do happen. To minimize the amount of band-aids, blood and tears, it is a good idea to modify the home to include little ones. In order to be fully prepared for their presence, here are a few modifications parents can make in their home for children.

Dual/Multi-Purpose Furniture

Consider this modification a really smart financial movMaking Room for Kids Five Modifications Your Home Needse. Purchase durable furniture that is not only long-lasting, but serves multiple purposes. Many manufacturers create beautiful cribs that turn into adorable toddler beds. To change from a crib to a bed, the process usually requires the parent to unscrew a few parts. When looking for dividers and standing closet space, remember that many portable closets can fold out into simple workstations for the children. These workstations can be great for when it is time to complete homework. Save money by thinking about the future.

Play Area

Plan ahead and make sure there is an adequate space for lots of fun and play. A play area is great because it can serve as the central hub for all of the toys, books, and games. Make sure the area stays safe with soft flooring, or play mats. In addition, paint the walls with washable paint for those times the kid feels inspired to unleash his or her inner Picasso on the walls instead of on paper.


This is a vital step parents cannot skip. Installing a fence or a gate is especially important for areas leading to stairs. Stairs are challenging for children under preschool age. Avoid potentially horrible injuries and emergency room visits by getting sturdy, high fences. Gates are normally very easy for an adult to maneuver, but still provide total safety for a child. You also might consider getting Lynx Brand Fence Products (Alta) Ltd fencing in Calgary to go around your yard. This way kids have a safe outdoor space as well. It keeps them in, while also providing some privacy from strangers and neighbors.

Breakable Items

Unless it is surrounded by a gate, the fine china set needs to be placed in a safe area far away from children. Vases, trophies, and glass need to be displayed in high places out of a child’s reach. If it cannot be placed up high, remove it from the area. Glass coffee tables aren’t a good idea with children, as they can be easily broken. Any valuables that must be displayed, should be mounted to the display case or shelf. If the children are jumping or playing around, the impact or vibration won’t knock any of the valuables down.

Cleaning Supplies

Children will naturally make big messes, so cleaning supplies are necessary. Be sure to keep all cleaning supplies out of reach and/or locked away in a safe place. There are tons of bolts, locks, and safety hooks that will keep children out of drawers and cabinets. Utilize these tools so the little ones can keep their hands out of toxic chemicals.

These are just of a few of the many modifications parents need when preparing for children. As time goes on, the needs will change, and the precautions won’t be as great, but for now, it is much better to be safe than sorry.


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