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Just a Phase: How Having Kids Can Prepare You for School

Just a Phase How Having Kids Can Prepare You for SchoolJust a Phase How Having Kids Can Prepare You for SchoolGetting through school when you are single and without children seems relatively simple. However, you are not totally prepared to be in school when you have not had children. Children do things to help you prepare for school, you cannot learn anywhere else. Think about what your kids are doing for you, to help you get ready for school this year.

Time Management

You need to learn how to manage your time as best as you can. When you do not have children, you have plenty of free time on your hands, but when you do, you have a limited amount of free time. When you are in school with children, you know that you only have so much time to get your work done. You must make sure you plan every day properly to get your work done around the schedules your children keep.


When you have children in the house, you are constantly exercising your patience. They can make your life very difficult, but they also teach you how to deal with your professors and fellow students. The people that would drive you crazy when you were younger, can be more easily dealt with as a result.

Enjoy It

When you are in school without children, it is hard to enjoy the process of your education. You want to get through it as quickly as possible, and don’t ever want to look back. When you have children, it can be easier to enjoy school. You enjoy the time away from the house, and you enjoy the time that you get to spend exercising your brain. You learn from your children to enjoy the whole process.

Work Hard

When you are in school and have children, you have to work as hard as you can. You cannot waste any of your time, and you want to be a good example for your kids. You may be getting a masters as a behavioral analyst, a masters in ABA, or your MBA as an educator yourself, but you will make it through school much more easily because you have those kids in the house. Just keep a positive attitude and use their tireless energy to inspire your own work.

You must make sure you are working with your children to get through school, and you should make it an adventure for them as well. They want to see what it is you are working on, and will learn how to be successful themselves when they see you work your way through school. It may seem impossible to get through school when you’re raising a family, but when you really think about it, there’s no better way to prepare for school and life.


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