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Daylight Savings has nothing on me!

Surprisingly DLS didn’t effect me one bit this weekend. Well wait.. it did but in a good way. Cooper, my DS, did sleep until 10am. We actually got up before him. I said to DH “Is he okay in there we haven’t heard a peep” sure enough he was still sleeping. Once we got up and started to do things he woke up about 20 min later. It was very nice but it didn’t last. I was up last night at 1am. LOL  The effort continues.

So this week has been odd. I have managed to get back to the gym.. Yeah me.. but now my food is slipping. Why can’t I seem to do both?!? I got an iTouch this week and was thrilled that Sparkpeople had an app. So now I can use that to keep track of my food. I found a exercise ap that is awesome and a nutrition one that has loads of restaurant info.

Goals this week:

Log Food

More gym time than last week

Continue to get in my water

All the Mamavation Sista’s are doing a fantastic job. Congrats to Lisa and Katie for a successful campaign. I do expect to see you around.

If you missed it I am doing my first giveaway The Biggest Loser 30 Jump Start book. Fantastic information in it, even if you only use it for the recipes. My next giveaway will be a Gaiam Pedometer. So keep checking back.

Have a successful week!

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5 thoughts on “Daylight Savings has nothing on me!

  1. Awesome job Karla!!! Keep heading that right direction!
    .-= Trish @IamSucceeding´s last blog ..I Can’t Believe It’s Over! =-.

  2. Yay Karla! Gym! Awesome weight-loss related giveaways! Great attitude! Try not to overwhelm yourself, though. If you can eat well alone and go to the gym well alone, but struggle to do them both well at the same time, pick the one you want to favor the most (I suggest food as Leah says that diet is 80% of weight loss) and slowly incorporate the gym time. Good luck and have an awesome week!!
    .-= Angela @angelasue79´s last blog ..Mamavation Monday! =-.

  3. yeah i didn’t know about DST untill the day after the time change laughs, great job on the workouts and focus this week on the food and eventually it will become a habit

  4. That still happens to me. I can’t get both right. As is life…I just keep it up. Things go slower, but I’m healthy which is the real goal. XXOO
    .-= Leah @Bookieboo´s last blog ..Mamavation™ Monday: Campaign #3 Finale =-.

  5. You will find your balance in time with food and exercise, just keep working at it. Know it will not always be consistent though, you are human. I also see you have fallen for LARABARs charm recently. I am a huge fan, they are the only bar I can eat with my food allergies. They are also a local company for me so they are at many events I go to. I get to try their new flavors almost as soon as they come out. Great business with great customer service!
    .-= kia´s last blog ..things I am enjoying: maternity fashion =-.

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