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This year it seems all thing point to Iron Man. His birthday cake and presents were all things Iron Man. So it was a natural choice when I was asked from to review a costume what my choice would be, Iron Man I did a review last year for them and he was a cute little fireman. How did we move from fireman to Iron Man in a year? Boy do they grow.

About offers a large variety of costumes for all ages. From Baby Chili Pepper to the Joker there is bound to be something you will like. They offer great customer service and affordable prices.  Their website is very user friendly and they do offer live chat with customer service.  You can also follow their blog to keep up to day on news and new costume information.

My Review

Cooper just loves Halloween time. Any time a box arrives he always asks if it's for him. When I said yes he got super excited. When he saw that we was going to be Iron Man for Halloween he asked if he could go now. HA I did let him prance around in it for awhile. While I was able to get the suit off him, the mask remain on him for a few days until well.. he stepped on it. The mask did crack but I think with some super glue we can get it back together or we can buy another one. Poor guy was just so sad.

While September might be a tad early to think of Halloween, it really isn't. I am scoping out the site as we speak because this year I want to be prepared for our work's Halloween party.

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