Joovy StepTool Step Stool Review

Everyone needs a step stool in their home. There is always that out of reach cupboard that you put something you don't think you really use until you need it.  That is me. I have this tall pantry that has a very tall out of reach shelf that I put stuff on. Of course once I put it up there I of course need to use it.  With bad knees it's hard to get on a chair so the Joovy StepToolStep Stool has come in handy.

About Joovy StepTool

The StepTool is great in all environments and makes reaching easier for you and your children. Form and function finally meet with the Joovy StepTool.  The StepTool is entirely BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.Our step stool’s sturdy construction is rated to support 300 lbs. and the non-slip top and bottom ensures both safety and stability.

My Review

This thing really does come in handy. While it's spends most of it's time in the bathroom so my son can reach the sink, I occasionally use it in my kitchen for out of reach items. This would also make a great addition to the potty training tools. Cooper can not reach the toilet but this would have been handy when he couldn't.

I like how sturdy it is and knowing I can use it and feel safe. It has non-slip rubber top and bottom so know that when Cooper or myself are using it, it won't slip out from under us, even if the floor is wet.

The Joovy StepTool Step Stool is very reasonable and if you are looking for one, this should be one to consider.


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