Trick or Treating Safely – How Not To Have A Fright Night

With Halloween just a days away, it's easy to get caught up thinking about the fun and joking side of this fun-filled night.

And it most definitely should be a night when kids can go around their neighborhood safely and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

However, pedestrian injuries are the most common injuries experienced by children on this night, so it's good to revisit a few safety tips.

Being safe doesn't apply only to being outside but to the Halloween costumes and makeup that your children might be wearing.

Anything that can help you to keep your children safe and to have a fantastic Halloween night is worth bearing in mind!

Halloween Costume Safety

  • Make sure all costumes are flame resistant – check the labels before buying
  • Make sure all costumes and shoes fit well and won't cause tripping or entanglement
  • Bright costumes are best, especially those that are reflective as your child will be easily seen by all, especially traffic
  • Make sure your children's costumes are not too long that they trip over themselves whilst out trick or treating
  • Similarly, make sure your children wear shoes that they are comfortable in. Don't give them your high heels to wear because they won't be used to them
  • If your children have accessories for their outfits, such as knives or sticks, make sure these are soft and pliable. No sharp points or edges
  • Face makeup must be tested on a small area of your child's face to test for irritation
  • Ensure all face paint and makeup is removed before the children go to bed
  • Check all treats and remove those which may be potential choking hazards
  • Teach your children how to call 911 if they are ever in an emergency situation

Safety Tips for Trick or Treating

Now that your children are all dressed up and bursting to get outside, the following tips are good to bear in mind:

  • Do NOT send your children out alone. Ensure they go in groups and stick together and ALWAYS try to have at least one adult in that group
  • Make sure your children carry a properly working flashlight so that they can easily be seen by others and they can see others too
  • If possible, make sure your children have one cell phone on them
  • Ensure your children walk on sidewalks and face oncoming traffic
  • Stick reflective tape to your children's costumes, buckets and bags so that they can easily be seen by drivers
  • Go over the road crossing safety tips with your children before they leave home. Remind them to look both ways before crossing the road.
  • Do not enter homes unless accompanied by an adult
  • Get your children to use proper crosswalks when possible
  • Only go calling on homes that have a porch light on
  • Only walk along well-lit streets and always use the sidewalks
  • Never enter a car or home of a complete stranger

Keep these tips in mind and you will definitely have prepared your children for a safe Halloween night where they can have a lot of fun!

Happy Halloween!

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