Halloween Crafts for Kids

Bond with Karla 1October is right around the corner, which means that it’s nearly time for the spookiest day of the year: Halloween! With all of the excitement of fun sized candies, packaged polyester costumes, and styrofoam tombstones, it can be easy to forget the joy in making costumes and decorations yourself. Celebrating a DIY Halloween is not only cost-effective, it’s environmentally friendly, fun for kids, and allows you to have totally unique decorations and costumes. It’s simple to make a wide range of creepy Halloween sundries using just cardboard, cheap fabric, paint, and an active imagination! If you want some inspiration and guidance, has a ton of DIY Halloween activities, including themed crafts and recipes. Here are some great craft projects to do with your kids leading up to Halloween.

DYI: Reuse what you have

Reuse an old grocery or shopping bag and make it into a homemade trick-or-treat bag! You’ll need a large and sturdy paper bag with handles, non-toxic paints in Halloween colors, and markers. Help your child start decorating by using discarded cardboard tubes, old cookie cutters, and adult-cut sponges as makeshift stamps. Kids can use paint brushes to add details and fill in the shapes to make ghosts, cats, pumpkins, and more. After the paint dries, kids can add a spooky phrase or cluster of bats with markers.Bond with Karla 2


Have your little make a set of creepy green ghosts to add some ‘boo’ to your Halloween decorations! Simply have your child crumple and tape a few old pieces of newspaper until they make the desired ghost shape and size. Cover the newspaper with papier-mache and let dry. Let your child paint the ghost all over with green tempera paint, then help him add eyes and a mouth with another dark color.


Bond with Karla 3

After Halloween, or after you’ve torn into the candy bag, make an eye-catching upcycled collage! Using stiff piece of cardboard, from a cereal or shoe

box, help your child cut out a Halloween shape, such as a pumpkin, ghost, or bat. Attach assorted candy wrappers to the cardboard using a glue stick. Once the glue dries, your child can add details with tempera paint and brush.

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