Holiday Trip to Africa

Celebrate Next Year’s Holidays with a Stress-Free Trip to Africa

The holiday season is stressful enough, why add even more stress to the mix with unorganized travel plans?

As the co-owner of the Hills of Africa travel company, I see many individuals scurrying to make last minute arrangements or discouraged when the accommodation they were looking to stay in is completely booked. Although we do everything in our power to ensure that our clients get exactly what they want, there’s no guarantee that we can book exactly what you want when plans are made at the last minute—especially during holiday traveling.

To ensure that your trip to Africa during the holidays next year is exactly how you’ve always dreamed it would be, without the stress, here are our tips for preparing:    

Get your passport and visa prepared before the holidays roll around. Visa and passport lines always seem to bulk up during the holidays because everyone is looking to go on holiday vacation. To ensure you have your passport or Visa in time, apply in June or July. This way, you’re not stressed and you’re sure to have your documents ready in time. Be sure whoever you’re going to Africa with also has his or her documents way before the holidays. 

Research and book the accommodations and safaris you want in advance. Luxury accommodations book up extremely fast for the holiday season. We suggest booking your preferred accommodations 10 – 12 months in advance if you want to get your preferred suites and dates. Same applies for safari tours. If you want a highly experienced private guide to escort you on all of your safaris during your trip to Africa, booking in advance is crucial if you want the best guide and the best experience possible.

For those who are unfamiliar with luxurious accommodations and safaris in Africa, we suggest you perform extensive research this December and January, and make a list of your preferred accommodations and activities. Contact your safari travel agent before March to discuss your options for next holiday season.

Get your safari gear ready. Packing for any vacation can be stressful, but when you’re packing for an African safari vacation that’s lasting anywhere from 10 – 20 days on a continent that is nearly half-way around the world, there are many things you must take into account. Everything from the luggage weight restrictions for domestic flights to your itinerary activities, and cultural guidelines to the weather, all affect the items you pack. Therefore, knowing what you need for your African safari, long before your departure, is essential.

If you have your African vacation itinerary planned in advance, you’ll know domestic flight weight restrictions, and what countries you’re visiting and the temperatures and cultural customs within each of these countries. Therefore, it is much easier to pack accordingly. And, a word to the wise, don’t wait until the end of November and December to begin packing and preparing your bag. Shopping for your safari gear among the holiday crowds is anything but relaxing.

When you’re prepared in advance for your holiday trip, all you have to do is look forward to your trip, not stress about it.

About Sandy:

Sandy Salle was is a native of Zimbabwe and was born and raised in Southern Africa. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Hills of Africa travel and is passionate about using her first-hand knowledge of Africa to create the trip of a lifetime for her clients. Currently based state-side in North Carolina, she resides with her husband and two small children. Sandy travels home to Africa several times a year and believes that the next best thing to living in Africa is sharing it with others. For more about Sandy or the Hills of Africa, please visit the Hills of Africa website: and blog:

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