Farwell Mr. Kringle

No No it’s not what you think. Santa hasn’t gone AWOL.  It’s the name of a new Hallmark Channel movie.  A town that changed their name to Mistletoe, a man who changed his name to Kris Kringle, and a bah-humbug reporter. Excellent making for a holiday movie.


The mayor of this Christmas themed town emails a video of the tree lighting ceremony where this Kris Kringle impersonator rides up in style and lights the huge town tree.  All the business’ are named around the Christmas theme.  As the journalist rolls into town she realizes she is stuck in the middle of the parade and makes it on the front page of the town paper.

Kris Kringle

Picture a convertible Bonneville  all decked out with a wreath and garland. This Kris Kringle drives with style. With a mailbox twice the normal size and a home decorated with all the Christmas decorations you can think of, he hardly ever lets anyone inside. After all he does live on Santa Claus Lane. He makes everyone around him believe in the love of Christmas.



Her assignment is to blog about her experience in Mistletoe.  She meets the Holly Inn owner, Mark Stafford. Annabelle has a hard time putting her past in the past. Told at an early age that Santa is just a myth to boost retail sales, her believing in Mistletoe and Kris Kringle is a hard pill to swallow.  The more time she spends in Mistletoe the more it is growing on her. She finds a love interest in Mark but decides she isn’t ready for love. Just as she is about to say farewell to Mistletoe she find out Kris Kringle is also planning on saying farewell himself.  It’s up to her to convenience him to stay and believe in Christmas but she needs to convenience herself of the same. 

Does Annabell save Mistletoe and the spirit of Christmas? Grab some hot coca and check your tv listing to see when the Hallmark Channel will air it again. You don’t want to miss it.

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