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Plus Size Fashion Made Easy

plus size fashionBeing overweight is hard for many many reasons. One is fashion. I will be honest, there are not the same cute outfits for plus size as there are for size 2 people. Shopping for clothes can sometimes be down right depressing.  Well and then add on top of it I am someone that hates shopping. I can shop online with the best of them, I am not fond of crowds.  I have found a site, FashPlus, that makes shopping so much easier.

About FashPlus

They bring together over 100,000 name brand fashions to one location. It can’t get any easier than that. While I find they mostly have dresses, I have found some really cute shoes and accessories that I like. I do like one stop shopping. Makes it easier than going to 20 sites to find the one item. You can also pin and item to Pinterest to save it for future purchases.

By Shape

One really cool feature of FashPlus is that you can shop by your shape.  Choose from Banana, Apple, Pear or Hourglass. Now if I had an hourglass figure can I still be plus size? Hmm.. Maybe.  Now the big issue here is knowing what shape you are but if you do it makes it a bit easier.

By Type

I like this category filter. I can shop by what type of item I want to wear it for.  The categories are work, casual, cocktail, or party. I think this filter because it will eliminate all the fancy dresses if I am looking for just a casual dress.  Not only does it give you the dresses it will give you all the accessories and shoes that fit into this category.  Makes it easy to put a whole outfit together in a jiffy!

Overall Experience

I have to say my overall experience of using FashPlus is positive. I find that they have a wide variety of choices that are really cute. I always fear shopping that I am going to find the “old lady” type of clothes because I am plus size. While I am not a dress type person, I do hope they will have more pants and tops on their site as they continue to grow. I do love their accessory selection.

As for price, while some are higher end brands, I see they have some very reasonable priced items. You can buy an nice necklace for at little as $19.99 a nice beautiful dress for $52.99 and matching shoes for $20.99. That is a great deal for an entire outfit. So hop on over to FashPlus for your new outfit!



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