Thanksgiving Day Crafts

Thanksgiving is a time for family to get together and catch up on what is going on it life. While the adults are doing that what are the kids doing? If they are at a strange house, especially if there are no toys in the house, they can easily get bored and into thing.

Create a crafting corner for the kids so they have something to do during the gathering. These don’t have to be expensive things but it will keep them occupied and its a fun and creative thing to do.

I searched the internet for some cool ideas and here are a couple crafts to try.

TeePee Centerpiece/Place setting

There are not too many things needed. Scissors, twigs, hot glue (with adult help), tan foam, and markers.

  • Roll a piece of craft foam into the shape of a cone. Use hot glue gun to tack in place.
  • Trim the top of the teepee on a slant.
  • Break or cut twigs into 3” long pieces. Insert three twig pieces into the top of the teepee, glue in place.
  • Decorate the outside of your teepees with fun Native American-inspired designs such as bear claws, eagles, stripes and geometric shapes.

For place setting have the kids put the relatives name on there and make one for each member. Makes great memory souvenirs.

Flower of Thanks

There are a few more things needed for this craft but still very cost effective. You will need 9 inch plates, colored paper(multi colored), scissors, markers, brown paint (optional you can use brown marker), and glue.


  • Place paper plate, right side up, on work surface.
  • Paint/color the center circle of the plate with brown paint or or marker  
  • Fold construction paper like a business letter to achieve three equal sized pieces.
  • With paper still folded, draw a simple petal onto the paper.
  • Holding the paper, still folded, cut through all three layers and cut out the petal. You should have three petals. Repeat this for as many petals as you need.
  • As guests arrive, have them write their names at the top and a short description of what they are thankful for on the petal. Also have family members living in the house fill out their own as well.
  • Glue each petal onto the paper plate, lining up the bottom of the petal with the brown center circle on the plate.
  • Hang the flower where all your guests can see it.

It’s great to get the family involved in this project. Make sure the kids add a few thankful things on there themselves.


These ideas were given to me from Kaboose. A fantastic site for crafting ideas. They have some great printable ideas as well to keep those creative minds going.

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