Summer Activities

Summer is approaching and lots of family bonding takes place. You kids have almost 3 months off from school so make them count. Keep them active and off computers and TV. Summer ActivitiesOver the next few months I thought it would be nice to list some activities the family can do together. It a great time to get outside, do activities and stay active.

Make A Kite

Flying a kite is good exercise and a lot of fun. Instead of going out and buying a kite, get crafty and make one instead.  You will need fabric, strong glue, two wooden dowels and string.

  • Lay the two dowels in a cross position and use some of the string to lash the sticks together into that position.  You will do this by weaving the string in and out of the dowels.  Once the dowels are secure, put glue on the string and leave it to dry.  Once this is done you should have a strong frame for your kite
  • Create a frame around your dowels using the string.  To make sure the string does not slip, cut a small notch at the end of each dowel.  Starting at one end, wrap the string around the dowel where the notch is and then bring the string to  the next dowel while keeping the string taut wrap it around the next dowel.  Continue until string is connecting all four dowels.  Again, put dabs of glue on the string where it meets the dowels and leave to dry. Once you completed frame is dry, lay your fabric on the kite frame and cut it with an extra one inch on all sounds to wrap around the frame.  Use glue to secure the fabric around the kite frame.
  • Attach the string to the kite.  You will need to make what is called a bridle by attaching the string to the kite frame in two locations (they should be on opposite sides) in a loop formation.  Then attach the string you are going to use to fly the kite to the bridle.

Obstacle Course

How fun can this be? Make your own obstacle course wherever you are. It’s a great family activity and great exercise. This summer activity can be played in the park, the beach, or in your backyard.  You can use props, actions or a combination of both. 

  • In your backyard set up stations and have the children move from station to station in a different manner.  They can somersault to one, run backwards to the next, and skip to the last one.  You can disguise exercises as part of the game like  walking like a crab, crawling on all fours,  hopping on one foot, or jump rope to the next station.
  • When out at the park, use the play equipment to set-up an obstacle course for the kids. They may have to zigzag through the swings, go down the slide and then touch a tree to win.  Involve the kids and ask them what they think should be involved in the obstacle course or race.
  • Get involved with them. Create obstacles that include both of you like using a potato sack, tying a leg together or shoe laces. That is some great family bonding and it teaches them teamwork.

Whatever you decided to do for summer activities just make sure it’s fun, healthy, and that you do it together to get more family bonding time. Most of the time the kids don’t care what they are doing, as long as they are doing it with you.

 Need inside ideas?

On those rainy days you can’t be outside, make inside just as fun. Creative Crafts for Kids has tons of craft ideas and for indoor activities and games check out Great Big Book of Children’s Games: Over 450 Indoor & Outdoor Games for Kids. Keep those kids active and away from video games and TV.

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