Frieling Just Enough Spingform Pan {Review}

Making dessert while on a weight loss journey is always tough. Most of the time you have to make a whole 9×13 cake ban full of it. Do you know how it is to resist a 9×13 pan of hot cake with a nice yummy chocolate middle?  Yeah very hard let me tell you. Then I came across this wonderful looking pan that is the solution to my problem.

Frieling makes the Zenker Just Enough Springform pan. It’s one forth the size of a full 10 inch springform.  Perfect for a small treat yet not enough to have much leftovers. Mostly known for their presence in the hotel/restaurant industry.  They had such a well known presence in the United States that they also branched out abroad adding products from Zenker, Sitram, Emsa, and Victoria Baking Ovens.  With such a strong alliance they will for sure keep theirs products fresh.

My Thoughts

I will admit I have never used a springform pan of any kind at any point in my life. I am not a baker by any stretch of the word. So my first decision was what in the world do I cook in this pan. Being on a health kick the logic choice was an angel food cake. So of course I had to make a full box mix worth, please revert to my previous non baker statement.

So I get the cake mix all beat together and ready for the pan. I sprayed my pan down and filled er’ on up with the batter. The batter alone smelled good. Because I had to make the full box, I did use another pan on hand for the rest of the batter. One thing, as you can see from the picture, is that I didn’t anticipate how much the cake would rise.  So it bubbled over a bit but it turned out really well and the edges got a really nice crisp on it.

This made enough for four of us that night. Of course this time I had some leftover but if you are a baker and want to make a sample of different deserts, this is the pan to have. So easy to use and with the slick surface so easy to clean.  If you have a spring wedding coming up I highly recommend checking out this item to give as a give. I would love to try other Frieling products myself!

Happy Cooking!!


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