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4Kids CW TV OnlineThis weekend while looking for some things for my son to do I cam across this great website.  While I feel this site is geared towards older kids and teens, it offers a large variety of shows and video games. 4Kids looks like they are associated with The CW channel.

4KidsTV is a premier online video service for kids featuring one of the largest video libraries of kid specific content found online. 4KidsTV offers a safe and free space for kid’s of all ages to enjoy premium video content. Currently, 4KidsTV video content is only available in the US.- 4Kids

My nephew would really enjoy this website. From Speed Racer to Sonic X are among the free shows you can watch.  It appears that if you get reward points you can unlock a platinum player for web only content.



They have a large variety of games that look fun. Most of them are based on the shows they feature but you can get some like Sherlock Holmes or Car Chaos.  They have one of my favorite type of game Mah-Jongg. I am a sucker for puzzle games.


This area I think is great for kids of any age. They have quite a few project you can download which makes crafting easy.  They have bookmarks, Valentines cards, and even stamps. The stamp collection they have is a really neat concept. Just log on daily and get a new stamp picture to print out. You can even trade with other online. This is a really inexpensive way to do stamp collecting.


Check out the site and let us know what you think of it?

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