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Getting a Calf-eine Buzz

Usually when a woman finds a lump in the shower, a big hairy anxiety ball starts dribbling full court in her belly. This morning, however, I found two of them and it was AWESOME! Calf MusclesI was pulling my razor up over the area directly behind my shins and just south of the back of my kneecaps, when what to my wondering eyes do appears, but two mildly sprouting calf muscles! Holy-freakin’-moly!

I started my weight-loss journey almost a year ago. According to the handy-dandy BMI chart, I’ve successfully been demoted from a person of “extreme obesity” to good ol’ fashion, honest to goodness “obese”. Oh-to-the-yeah. 41 pounds to go until I’m just plain ol’ “overweight” and then 35 more until I’m “normal”. Really? Me? Normal? Who knew?!

A few weeks ago, I got inspired by the recovering fat asses on Biggest Loserand decided to start moving my own recovering fat ass more. For years I had used my size and my crunchy knees as a reason not to move more. Ironically, my physical challenges never stopped me from moving, say, to the fridge, or the pantry, or to a big ol’ cup of Maggie Moo’s peanut butter ice cream. Understandably, these permissible movements only perpetuated my challenges by resulting in an even bigger size and even crunchier knees. Alas.

So it’s Mother’s Day, right? And my beautiful 8 year-old caretaker asks me what I want to do for “my” day. In that very moment, my mouth was taken over by an evil demonic power and in a voice cleverly disguised as my own, it spits out “I want you to ride your bike and keep me company on my very first run.” Big mama wearing pjs at noon on the couch say what?! But by then it was out there like a stinky fart. The toothpick-figured offspring, always willing to support my healthy choices and goals, was all over that like me and a full-size angel food cake. Nom. Nom. Nom.

That first day I ran a block, then walked about the same. Rinse. Repeat. When I used the handy-dandy tools on , it measured just at a mile. To the naked eye, it was an unimpressive achievement. But to me, I might as well have climbed Mt. Everest. ROAR baby! I knew it wasn’t a one-night stand; I was ready to walk down the aisle with that cool feeling. Over the next few days, the run-to-walk ratio improved until finally, 8 days after Mother’s Day, I ran the first mile of my adult life. It rocked. First few seasons of Saturday Night Live kind of rocked.

To date, I’ve completed 13 one-mile runs. A mini-marathon of sorts, if you will. I am so proud of myself. It may not show yet on the outside, but it’s starting. I’m so proud of my blooming calf muscles; I am a blossoming runner with lumps of steel baby! Here’s hoping you dream your dream, and run all the way there.

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4 thoughts on “Getting a Calf-eine Buzz

  1. I didn’t want to say anything and I figured my staring would give me away, anyhoo…your calves are looking good!

  2. Hey Woman! Blog is looking great! Thanks for writing a guest post for me chocked full of great ideas! You are a rock-star of awesomeness! 🙂 Hugs, Kirsten
    .-= Kirsten (Results Not Typical Girl)´s last blog ..freaky friday guest post: visualizing your weight loss.. =-.

  3. Karla,

    That is awesome – a mini marathon. You should be so proud of yourself. It reminds me of the Slight Edge effect. Doing a little every day and before you know it, you’ll be normal. 🙂 Have a great weekend!
    .-= Debbie Stevens´s last blog ..Section 1231 Losses =-.

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