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Bagsy Reusable Shopping Bags #Review

Reusable shopping grocery bagsEarth Day is coming up on April 22, 2012. Do you want a great idea on what you can do to help the earth? Simple- use a reusable shopping bags.  That one simple switch can make a huge impact.

I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to review a Bagsy reusable grocery bag and handbag. I am a bag hog on all levels but it excites me to know that when I use this bag I am keep our earth clean. My son always asks me why I take my bags with me. It's a great opportunity to teach him about being green.

The Bagsy bags by Terry Doyle came to life out of pure frustration. Trying to stuff as much as she could in those little plastic bags got he best of Terry. So this Midwest gal does what she knew she could do. She went home and made her own bag. The Bagsy was born.

My Thoughts

These bags are fantastic. Even the package they came in is stylish. The quality is outstanding. I can tell Terry takes pride in her work. Made with heavy and quality materials you can put heavy items like milk or canned goods in these bags. They are big in size so they can carry a lot of items. You can see in the picture how wide the bag is.  Now lets talk patterns. They have a large variety of colors that any bag is stylish. I also loved that it had 2 outside pockets that I could add my shopping list or bottled water in.

The handbag is of the same quality. These handbags would make a welcome addition to your summer. They are just the right size to hold your phone, keys, and a small wallet. We went to a kids event recently and I grabbed this handbag to take with me because I didn't want my big bulky purse with me to carry around.  It work out perfectly. I knew that my items were safe in this handbag and it looked fantastic.


I promise you if you buy one of these Bagsy bags you will not be disappointed. Remember reusable shopping bags have many different uses. It would make a great companion this summer to a picnic or the beach. Terry at Bagsy is giving my readers a discount on purchases. Head over to her Etsy Store and get 10% off. Use coupon code :BAGSYBOND

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