How to Throw a Green Birthday Party

Just because you want to go all out for the kids doesn’t mean you can’t go green at the same time. For many young kids, a birthday party is often more about friends and fun than how the party is planned and carried out. Therefore, as an adult in charge of party planning, you may be able to make decisions that enable a birthday party to be held in a greener way.

If you find that you have a birthday party coming up and want to make it a bit more eco-friendly, here are a few tips as to ways in which you can still have fun but stay green at the same time.

Emails and Evites

A great way to reduce the amount of paper used to invite others to your event is to send them email or evites. Not only does this reduce paper usage, but the fuel needed to deliver regular snail mail as reduces the costs for money spent on paper invitations and postage as well. You can design your own fun themed evite, or just go the standard email route.


While you may not want to break out your best china for a birthday party, using real silverware and dishes as opposed to paper or plastic products could reduce your environmental impact. If you just don’t want to deal with doing dishes after the fact or don’t really want to chance your dishes being broken, then buying environmentally-friendly dishware and making sure to recycle this material after the fact can diminish your eco-impact.

Reuse and Recycle

If you plan ahead and have room to stash your old party supplies, you may be able to recycle decorations from previous years. Reusing such supplies can keep costs down as well as keep you from having to purchase new ones. You may even be able to save these items for future parties if they aren’t too beat up after the kids get done with them.

Plan Your Activities

It doesn’t necessarily take fancy events with lots of toys or party favors to entertain the kiddies. Simple things like scavenger hunts, musical chairs, hide and seek, and outdoor games are often enough to keep them entertained cheaply and with very little impact upon the environment.

Focus on Food and Fun – Not Gifts

Kids are coming to a party to have a good time, and surprisingly, it is often the parents who are more fixated on gifts than the kids. Doing away with frivolous party favors, or having guests bring gifts in reusable gift bags rather than wrapped can also make your party a little greener.


If you are looking to stay eco-friendly with your birthday party plans, consider things like punch drinks, large portioned juices, and if you go with soda, 2-liter bottles (making sure to recycle the bottles when you’re done) to make your party a little greener. This can save on more environmentally harmful containers like aluminum cans or individually portioned drinks. When it comes to cups, make sure to have bins for guests to recycle their plastic or paper cups in if that is what is being used.

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