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April 22nd, is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. I thought I would share some tips we could all use.
to make a greener lifestyle. A greener lifestyle is becoming the norm. In particular, parents are aiming to raise their families in a way that promotes a earth friendly lifestyle. Looking for some ways for your family to go responsible? Here are a couple green life tips for families

 Reduce Waste

It’s simple… Recycle and change how you buy. Try using cotton rags instead of paper towels for tidying up all around the home. Use washable cotton napkins instead of paper napkins. Pack food for the family in reusable containers instead of plastic bags. Pay attention when buying products to see if you can recycle them when finished. There are plenty of reusable products on the market today such as water bottles and storage containers.

 Purchase Local Food

Support local farmers and purchase your food at local farmers markets and roadside stands as much as possible. Not only is fresh home grown food tastier but it’s also healthier for you and your family. Most farmers markets are fun, so it’s a great family event as well.

Reuse Used Up Household Items

Save things such as paper towel tubes, stray buttons, egg cartons, Popsicle sticks, paper plates that don’t get that dirty etc., in a craft supply box. The stuff that can be reused for craft projects are limited only by the imagination of your family. Reuse plastic jars to store small stuff in.

Save Energy

If possible replace your light bulbs with energy saving bulbs. Keep your lights off long as possible, it’s fun watching TV or a movie in the dark. Unplug once a week from TV and computers, it’s great bonding for the family. If you are considering new appliances, consider getting Energy Star products.

Going green is a great way to help our earth and teach our kids that our environment is important. You can check out a wide selection of products at Reuse It. You will be amazed on their selection and things you may not have thought about.

If you have other tips or suggestions on what you can do to become greener please comment below!

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