Five Ways to Make Brushing Teeth Fun for Kids

Brushing TeethProper dental care is an important part of your child’s overall health. However, many children do not enjoy brushing their teeth. If you are tired of battles at tooth brushing time, give these fun ideas a try.

Get Fun Supplies

It is amazing how much some children love a simple color or cartoon character. Take advantage of this by purchasing a toothbrush that your child will love. Tasty toothpaste is also a hit with kids so find a kid-friendly flavor. Taking your children with you to the store is a great way to increase their excitement about their new dental supplies.

Explain the Importance

Tooth brushing is more enjoyable when a child understands the purpose behind it. You do not have to deliver an entire biology lesson on plaque, cavities and gingivitis. Instead, find a book at the library that explains what germs tooth brushing gets rid of. If you can’t find a story, have fun making one up to explain the importance of dental health to your kids.

Add Music

Children should be brushing their teeth for at least one minute, and older children should work up to two minutes of brushing time. This can seem like a long time when you are brushing in silence, so consider adding upbeat songs to the mix. Finding a short children song around 60 seconds long is a great way to let your child know how long she should be brushing.

Do It Together

Any task is more enjoyable when it is performed with the people you love. If your child is reluctant to brush his teeth, try implementing a family tooth brushing time. Your whole family can gather in the bathroom for a few minutes of good clean fun. When your child sees you taking charge of your dental health, you are setting a good example for him.

Make an Incentive Chart

Positive reinforcement helps promote good behavior. Motivate your reluctant child with a sticker chart. Each time she brushes her teeth without complaining, she can add one sticker to the chart, and these stickers can be cashed in for fun prizes or special outings.

Every child is different, so it might take a little time to find out what works for your child. With a little creativity, you will find a solution that adds fun to a necessary task.


Information credit to Dentrix Dental Care, Calgary dentistry

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