9 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Kids

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In your efforts to nurture a good relationship with your young ones, you must build a bond and create memories of fun times with them. Sitting at home and watching tv or storytelling hardly counts; instead, you have to engage in fun activities. At the end of the holiday, your kids shall have had fun and experienced various types of growth essential for performance in school. 

If you struggle to find the various ways you can spend your holiday with your young ones, here are the great ideas to have quality time with them. 

Listen to Music, Sing, and Dance Together

As you listen to music or sing, you are connected emotionally with your kids even as you have fun. For example, you can organize a family musical concert where you take the role of an instrumental player of the lead dancer, an event that will create memories to cherish. In addition, when listening to high-volume music together, you can use hearing aid programming to reduce the risk of ear damage. 

Go for a Vacation

Without any reason for going for a vacation, plan and pick an enjoyable destination to create memories. However, you should be aware that nothing will excite your kids more than a surprise visit to a dream destination. In addition, budget and time may be an issue; thus, you can consider going for a one-day picnic or just a hike to a nearby place. 

Organize a Baking Class

The holiday is the perfect time to play the baking game and teach your children to bake their favorite cakes and cookies. However, you must have been baking on your own and perfecting the art before involving all your kids. For sure, this will prove to be an enjoyable event that will keep you and your kids busy during the holiday and teach them some skills. 

Solve Brain Games

One of the best ways to make your child a puzzle master and a critical thinker is by engaging him in good brain games. You can buy him some brain games and proceed to take your time and solve them together but try as much as possible to make it a fun activity. Such games will help in your child’s mental and psychological development, and as a result, their performance in class will be much better. 

Take them to the Local Mall for Some Shopping

One way to impress your kids and keep them happy throughout the holiday is to take them out to the local mall and have them choose what they desire. The experience that shopping by themselves will bring is second to none and will have them yearning for more of such. As a parent, this will also help you know the likes and dislikes of your kids, and from this, you can take time to educate them on some issues. 

Take Upcountry to Visit their Parents

Not every child will have the privilege of possessing one of the most valuable treasures of their grandparents; thus, if your kids are privileged to have them, make it a habit to take them there. As they spend time with their grandparents, a bond between them is nurtured even as they learn from them. Upcountry will also enjoy some fresh air and multiple playgrounds to play games and exercise. 

Organize Some Fun Meet-Up with Friends

You can be gentle enough to host your friend’s kids at your place for a fun party that allows the kids to bond. You can be a kid for once and enjoy life like a kid together with your kids and your friend’s kids. This is essential for creating a better and stronger relationship and bond with your kids. 

Take Time to Narrate to Your Kids Some Childhood Stories

Your children will surely enjoy your childhood stories and draw a lesson that makes them acquire some traits like yours. So, always take time before going to bed to narrate some memorable stories of your childhood to the kids. Trust this, and your child will enjoy knowing your not-so-mature side and your experiences. 

Conduct a Hobby Class

Learn what your child adores and join the hobby class with him to learn together. You will have indulged yourself and created some adorable masterpieces with your children. In addition, this will help you develop some skills as you come closer to your kids and learn more about them. 


Spending quality time with your kids during the holiday is essential for peaceful coexistence in the family and the growth of your kids. The tips mentioned above will help you create memories for a lifetime with your young ones.

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