Christmas Decorating with Your Children

This Christmas, don’t try to do all the decorations by yourself; you can sure do with some assistance from your kids. Kids enjoy Christmas more than anything and eagerly await the Christmas day. You, as a parent can use their excitement to help them to learn more about Christmas and its traditions by letting them play a part in the Christmas decorations.

Let The Kids Make Decisions

You can let the kids take some decisions using their ideas on Christmas decorations and handle the responsibility; this will encourage the kids towards being initiative-driven and will make them learn some positive lessons. Kids would love to make little decorations for their rooms and for the Christmas tree, they can make little decorations to paste them on the wall or hang them. They can even carry your tools while you are busy making some arrangements. You can include kids in your discussions for planning the Christmas decorations and include some of their decoration ideas. Kids are innocent and vulnerable; they can grasp the essence from incidences very easily. Its parents’ duty to give only the right inputs to the kids intentionally and unintentionally even, so to mold them to be capable and considerate.


You can take your kids shopping and get the Christmas decorations of their choice, and let the kids learn by observing how to be efficient with money. You have to take the planned ideas to conclusion by not going overboard with the buying of decoration items. Today, major chunk of advertising campaigns aim at kids, targeting their vulnerability and innocence to inseminate their underdeveloped mind with greed and urges, for capital interests. Christmas thus breeds the most hostile environment for kids’ innocence as the whole world is dressed in the glitter of advertising and sales. Hence, Christmas is the right time to let the kids learn the joy in sharing and in giving and the perils of desires to acquire, thus being true to the true Christmas spirit, the spirit of Jesus Christ.

Older Kids

If your kids are slightly older, then you can let them have the responsibility of decorating a Christmas tree, they would certainly enjoy it, as Christmas tree is one of the most important aspect of Christmas decorations. You can take care of the physical aspect of the job but let them do the job of planning the layout of the decorations. You can give the kids tips on how to get it right and assist them in being effective with their job. This exercise will certainly boost their confidence and will enable them with some healthy self-confidence. Turn the process of going about doing your Christmas decorations in to a learning experience, for the kids and for yourself; to be a better parent you have to strive to constantly learn and reinvent.


Author: My name is Kevin Headen, I have written many articles on Christmas And with this article I have shared my ideas about “Decorating with your children”. Hope you like them and it helps you to explore your ideas.

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating with Your Children

  1. My son, 4, helped decorate the tree and he loved it. While my tree looks a hot mess, it’s perfect because of the joy it gave him.

  2. As christmas is arriving this month, i will be busy making big preparation for a great evening dinner and party christmas. I will make sure all the childrens from the neighbourhood will join and make this event a memorable day of my life. After all sharing is a way of life to live and enjoy.

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