Heart Button Card

Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

Heart Button CardValentine’s Day is coming up. With parties at school, work, or church it’s sometimes expensive to partake in all the activities. So why not make something. This could be a very inexpensive way to be involved in all the activities. So I did a little searching on what you could do for an easy craft idea. Here is what I found.

Button Heart Card

Grab some red, pink, and white buttons. Make sure they are all different sizes. Glue some on the white construction paper or card stock making a heart shaped. Fill in the heart with the rest of your buttons.  Get a nice red marker or glitter pen and write a little message like “Be Mine’ or “I Love You”.

Bee Mine Valentine Cards

These cute little bee cards look so easy to make. You can get the lolliepops at the dollar store.

Valentine’s Coloring Pages

Here are a few coloring pages that you can have the kiddo do. Nothing is better than a picture from your child who took the time to color a picture for you.

Brown Paper Bag Heart

Get rid of that brown paper bag and do something good with it. Make a Valentine’s Day card.

  • Trace a heart of the paper bag and cut it out. To make it fun looking, use some of those fancy scissors that leave a jagged edge.
  •  Then with a hole punch, punch some holes around the heart. Try to make them evenly apart.
  • With some fancy ribbon or yarn, thread it through the holes so that it starts and stops at the top of the heart. Leave enough ribbon or yard at the top to tie a bow.
  • With a marker or glitter pen, write your message inside the heart.

Valentines Day Wreath

This is a great craft to use up some of that cardboard you are going to recycle. Take a large plate and trace around it on the cardboard. Tkae a small bowl, top side down, and trace that in the middle of the plate you just traced. Cut out both traces so you now have a ring. Now your ready to start.

  • Get some red, white, and pink colored paper. I used fancy Valentine’s paper found in the scrapbook section.  Cut out strips about 4 inches long, about 1.5 inches wide, and glue the ends to make a loop.
  • Now glue each loop to the cardboard alternating colors.
  • Add a decoration to the middle of the heart. You can cut out a small thin shaped heart, do your child’s hand print, or make take some ribbon and attach mini hearts to the ends.

Which ever you choose do, try to make it Eco-friendly and use what you have in your house.  Next week is National Green Week so keep looking for other Eco-friendly tips.

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  1. Using buttons for making cards is a cool idea. I love sorting through buttons, so I just might have to try that. 🙂

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