Travel Tips for Female Travelers

Women that travel alone for either business or pleasure should be aware of the dangers of travelling alone and should ask for advice from either their friends or at their work place before departing on a trip. The most easy target for theifs and purse snatchers are single women in crowded places.  With a couple bits of knowledge, you can be on your way to safe travelling.

A recent poll, conducted by the Beijing International SOS Clinic showed that female business travellers ask for security advice before travelling. Out of all the interviewed women, 57% said that they did not receive relevant advice while 85% said that they could have learned more.  While women are thought to be easier targets, this only means that extra measures should be taken to avoid dangerous situations.

Preparing for a solo trip should also imply knowing the dangers of the place you are headed to, knowing what to expect and taking precautions beforehand and not only packing your bags and leaving. Following a set of guidelines can help you stay safe while travelling alone. Here are some tips for female travellers on solo trips:

 Don’t make yourself look like a target

Personality play a big role in what thieves or snatchers think when attempting to rob a person. Usuall, introvertite people are safe from these kinds of situations because they do not put themselves in dangerous situations. On the other hand, outgoing people are more prone to theft, especially if they shod expensive clothes, jewelery or other expensive items.

 Research first, travel after

You should never leave home before doing a quick research into the place you are going, the security you are provided and where the dangerous places are so they can be avoided. Things like cultural diversities, native languages, status of women in the society can all lead to unexpected altercations and should be avoided if possible.

Money is usually not an issue, especially for female business travellers but if you think you may need aditional money on your trip you  can always try payday loans. You can borrow some quick cash just before leaving for your trip and pay it back once you return.

Take control of your safety

You should take control of your safety as much as possible. For instance, you should ask someone to pick you up at the airport or trainstation, avoid shady unlicensed taxi drivers and never accept “help” from a stranger, no matter of how trusting they may seem. You should also carry with you a list of contacts with you at all times.

At the hotel, you can also ask for a spot at a women’s only floor if available, if not, better at a higher level. While travelling you should also make sure you have a travel insurance policy. If anything does happen to you, travel insurance can be a safety net. You can either buy the policy yourself or have it provided as a business travel insurance policy by your employer.

Be confident

While travelling alone you should always be on guard and trust in yourself. If you feel you are being followed you should head immediately for a public place and call a friend or a taxi. Confidence should be seen all over your body, not only in your head. A person walking with confidence is less likely to be targeted.

Keep calm at all times

In the worst case scenario, if a thief does approach you and threaten you, try to keep calm and avoid eye contact. Usually, they just want money and will flee immediately to avoid being caught. Self defense classes will teach you in how to approach this type of situation, but if you have no experience in self defense you should just take a defensive stance and not make the situation worse than it actually is.

We hope thiese 5 tips will help you while travelling, and remember to stay safe.

We hope that this article will help female travellers think about their safety while travelling. Within the 5 steps we also mention payday loans as a solution for money problems and travel insurance for the safety of the female traveller.

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