Traveling With Kids- Essential Items You May Need

kidstravelThere are some fantastic Christmas events in London to take the family to. From ice rinks, Santa’s grotto and Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, to pantos, ballets and plays – no matter how you wish to spend your time in London this Christmas, you’re sure to make it a very merry visit.

Regardless of what is on the agenda for your family trip there are essential items that you need to bring with you, which means careful planning is required. It’s always wonderful to see the glee on your child’s face when ice skating or meeting Santa for the first time. However, things can make a turn for the worst if you don’t come prepared. Below you will find our guide on the essential items you need when traveling with kids.

Toys, gifts and tablets

Be prepared for boredom. If your travels will take longer than a couple of hours, children may start to feel bored and agitated. Make your journey as pleasant as possible by coming prepared with a tablet that has fun apps already downloaded. Another great idea you may wish to use is to offer wrapped gifts every hour. These can be inexpensive toys or coloring books – anything that will keep them occupied and is new to them.

Car essentials

When traveling in the car have a window shade to help them sleep. Also bring a potty with you to ensure your child feels comfortable when needing to go to the loo.

Food and drink

If you are traveling with a baby come equipped with pre-made bottles. To save you time find mixtures that can be made using mineral water. However, if you wish to give your baby warm milk when traveling, bring a travel milk warmer with you. For older children make sure you pack enough food and drink with you in case there are any delays or cancellations.

Wrap up warm

If you will be going ice skating or any other outdoor event, always have warm clothing with you and come prepared with a change of clothing. Gloves can be easily misplaced so having an extra pair or two stowed away will help prevent your child from feeling the cold.

These are the essential items that you will need to bring with you when traveling with kids. However, all children are different and you may also need to bring some cold medicine with you if they are feeling a little under the weather.

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