Effective Ways To Secure Your New Home

Research shows that a homeowner experiences burglar attacks every 30 seconds, making security a crucial priority for you to consider now. Despite the alarming rates of break-ins, many homeowners are negligent about their safety, with some putting up only minimal measures to protect their properties. Fortunately, you can keep your home more secure in the right ways, including the following.

  1. Invest in a home alarm system

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Consider investing in a reliable home alarm system to boost your security. Studies report that homes with proper security systems are less likely to experience burglary incidents than those without one. You don’t have to fret; even a simple window or lawn sign showcasing your security apparatus is enough to prevent potential intruders. Are you scared about the costs and maintenance requirements for alarm systems? There are less expensive options in the market, so keep this in mind. It’s also worth noting that smartphone technology has simplified home alarm security, making receiving alerts on your systems easier anytime, anywhere.

  1. Install a security camera

Home security cameras are becoming more common due to their ability to deter criminals like burglars. The security industry now offers various home-monitoring equipment, including all-in-one devices. Depending on your situation, you can install separate security cameras in different areas of your home to improve security. These devices can record burglary attempts in real-time and help you obtain justice when needed. You have probably seen videos of CCTV cameras embarrassing thieves at shopping malls on social media. Home security works the same way. Moreover, technologies like Google News Cam can allow you to track your home, providing you with crystal-clear footage of visitors knocking on your front door.

  1. Secure your doors

Open doors make it easier for the bad guys to tamper with your property without breaking a sweat. Therefore, It helps to check and reinforce your exterior doors when required. Door frames and hinges must be in good condition to secure your home, so feel free to consider this. You should also change your door to keep out criminals when moving into a new home. This is because untrusted people keeping duplicate keys to your apartment makes you vulnerable to breaches. If you have some sliding glass doors, reinforce them to enhance your security. One high-end solution is installing door or glass break sensors to alert you if danger is looming in your surroundings.

  1. Consider motion detector lighting

This security system is effective in deterring crime in residential units. The good news is that standard hard-wired motion detector lighting models are relatively affordable. You can even buy a solar-powered detector if running a power supply is inconvenient. A good motion light detector can trick burglars into running for their lives, thinking you are at home when you are not.

  1. Secure your sheds with screws

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From one angle, your locked shed may appear secure. However, a professional thief can easily unlock it with a screwdriver by removing the hinges and other hardware. You can invest in security screws that make it virtually impossible for burglars to bypass, so keep this in mind. As a tip, consider deploying hex-head or Allen head cap screws instead of standard alternatives, giving criminals zero access chance without a special tool.

  1. Boost your gate and fence security

Avoid giving intruders easy access to your home by upgrading your old gate and fence. Security experts recommend making your garden gate equal height to your adjoining walls or fence. You can also invest in metal gates since they are usually harder to scale than solid wood components with open-source structures. Consequently, hinges, bolts, and padlocks should be properly secured in your garden. Using two or more locks to boost your gate and fence security is also beneficial, so keep this in mind. You should note that worn-out fence panels may pave the way for thieves to access your properties. Therefore, try adding trellis panels to the top of your fence or wall to enhance security. 

  1. Lock your windows

Theft expert Dr Ben Stickle identifies windows as common entry points for criminals. It’s easy to shut your window but forget to lock it. Moreover, old or worn-out latches on your windows may not be effective in stopping thieves. Therefore, if you are not happy with the security features of your current window, consider checking here for more effective replacement window options. Beefing up your window security with aftermarket locks or key-enabled levers is instrumental in ensuring your family’s safety. You can further place unfriendly plants like prickly bushes near your first-floor windows to add another layer to your security, so feel free to consider this.

  1. Get a smart video doorbell

Do you want to figure out who is at the door without stepping a foot outside? Your best bet is a smart video doorbell, which lets you see, listen and communicate with visitors at a distance. It enables you to give instructions to a delivery driver while away, and it will also come in handy when you want to fish out the bad guys. For example, if a stranger comes and the bell doesn’t ring, it can alert your phone after detecting suspicious movements. This way, you can always tell what’s unfolding before your door. Installing a door viewer is another smart trick to observe who is outside when you lack a front window to look through.

  1. Be mindful of what you share on social media

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Understand that your social media habits can affect your home security in one way or another. For example, sharing your home’s pictures on the internet with more details on your address and vacation plans can increase your risks of home invasion. Startling statistics show about 78% of burglars actively use social networks like Twitter and Facebook. It’s important to double-check that your social media posts don’t contain any sensitive information about your home. 

Securing your home is essential for preventing theft and possibly attacks on your life and family. Fortunately, you can leverage these strategies to achieve the desired outcome. 

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